A+ programming language Help for students

Introduction of A+ programming language

A+ programming language was created in 1988 from already existing language A. This language aim was to replace APL. Today A+ programming language is capable of designing graphical user interface. Later on A+ was turned to open state. A+ language uses special APL character set and it requires special key sequences.

Example of A+ programming help

#! /usr/local/bin/a+ -q 

$mode ascii 
unique{x}:((x iota x)= iota #x)/x nl{x}:,
x btom{x}:>( max/># each x) 

take each x vtoe{y;x}:
if (`null= ? x) 
else 1 drop 
each ( bag x in y) bag 
x := (( iota (1 take x) in y)/1 take y),x 
noLines{x}:vtom{"\n";(-"\n"=(-1) take x) drop x} 
a := 0 rho '' (n := (-1)+#_argv) 
do { a[,] := nl sys.readmat >_argv[n+1]; }

if (0 ~= rho a) { unique noLines a } sys.exit 0 

A+ programming resources

A+ Could be find here: aplusdev.org

To install on lynx sysem use command: sudo apt-get install aplus-fsf xfonts?kapl

How to learn A+

Tutorial 2: Go to tutorial site

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