Programming Help for Alef Language

Introduction to Alef Programming Language

Alef Programming Language is an Concurrent Programming Language, which was designed as a part of Plan 9operating system by Phil Winterbottom of Bell Lab.

Alef is a concurrent programming language suited for system programming. It is implemented in Communicating Sequential Processes style. Alef Language provides many features like promitive syncronization, error handling etc.

In alef ther e is no garbage collection. There are two main models of process synchronization: shared variables and message passing. Besides, Alef supports object-oriented programming implemented using static inheritance and information hiding.

Example of Alef Programming Language

The example given below shows the use of three data types:

(int, byte*, byte) 
  return (2, "hey", ’r’); 
   int a; 
   byte* str; 
   byte c; 
   (a, str, c) = func(); 

How to learn Alef Programming

You can take help from the following Bookto understand the concept of Alef Programming Language.