Agora Programming Language Help For Students

Introduction to Agora

Agora is a reflective prototype-based object-oriented programming language that is entirely (and solely!) based on message passing. Message passing is considered as one of the fundamental characteristics of object-oriented programming languages. It lies at the heart of late-binding polymorphism which is the key feature that makes incremental modification of programs possible. Agora provides a command-line interface to build and run programs without having to write a custom Go host. The agora command offers a few sub-commands, most importantly agora run FILE to execute an agora source code file.

Example: Hello World!

// Output: Hello, Agora !

fmt := import("fmt")

func greet(name) {

    fmt.Println("Hello,", name, "!")




Compiler Download

To get started, see Download and install Agora and follow the instructions. ...

Agora Programming Language