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Ada Programming Language

Ada is a modern programming language especially designed for the embedded systems where reliability and efficiency are essential. Ada is a highly flexible programming language which have strong type checking and features of code modularization. Ada programming language support the all Object Oriented Programming features and provide interface to other languages.

Language Overview

  • Developed in 1980s by Dr. Jean Ichbiah at CII-Honeywell-Bull in France
  • Ada was first internationally standardized (ISO) Object-Oriented Language
  • The name “Ada” was chosen in honor of Augusta Ada Lovelace

Ada code Example

                      with Text_To; use Text_To procedure hello is begin
                      put("Hello World"); end hello

Advantages of Ada Language

  • Create safe and reliable code
  • Reduces development costs
  • Supports new and changing technologies
  • Increase the flexibility of the code
  • Helps make code readable and portable
  • Increase the modularity of the code
  • Reduces certification costs for safety-critical software