ActionScripting Programming Language Assignment Help

ActionScripting Programming Language

ActionScript is a object oriented scripting language. Like ECMAScript the Actionscript is similar to the java script. Actionscript provides the interactive functionalitry to the the web site. Actionscript is mostly used in the flash software developer can set and control the actions of the Flash objects. Actionscript provide the additional features to the animation with flash and to create advance interactive animations and applications for the users. Actionscript is used for the kids tutorials and games so that kids can understand the lessons more easily. This is used by many advertisement companies to create the advertisements banners with flash and small animations

ActionScript Softwares


ActionScript Programming language

Adobe Flash is probably the most popular software for creating interactive websites. Adobe Flash offers a rich functionality for creating Flash movies and complicated web sites.

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Swish Programming

SWiSH Max3 software is used for the creation of flash animations, movies, presentations and interactive web sites. It has most of the Adobe Flash features, but it is less complicated and more affordable

ActionScript Programming Code Example

className com.example.Greeter extends MovieClip
public function Greeter()
var txtHello:TextField = this.createTextField("txtHello", 0, 0, 0, 100, 100);
txtHello.text = "Hello, world";

Features of ActionScript

  • Compile-time and run-time compile checking.
  • className-based inheritance system.
  • support for packages, namespaces and regular expressions.
  • evised flash player API
  • event handling
  • Integration of script with XML