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ABSET Declarative Programming Language Help For Students

Introduction to ABSET

ABSET is a declarative programming language based on sets. A declarative language is a nonprocedural programming language that allows the programmer to state the task to be accomplished without specifying the procedures needed to carry it out. In designing, ABSET we have tried to solve what seemed to us to be the fundamental problems of programming. We felt that it was the lack of a clear formal organization of the very basis of programming and the bad style resulting from this that makes the management of large projects so difficult. ABSET is therefore not specially adapted to list processing, or to matrix multiplication or text processing, and so on, though such features could be introduced in it.

ABSET Example

To get full knowledge about ABSET declarative programming language with examples, Download PDF File

ABSET Compiler

Download your ABSET compiler

ABSET Declarative Programming

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