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4DOS Command Line Interpreter Programming Help by Programmers hub

4DOS Command Line Interpreter

4DOS is a command line interpreter which is mean to replace the default command processor. It provides the all of the functionality of COMMAND and many more facilities. 4DOS is an editable command line with built-in history and recall, without needing DOSKEY, CED. It provides the many of the built-in commands, such as LIST, FFIND, HELP, KEYBD, BEEP, DELAY, and MEMORY. It provides the extended batch language with many of iteration features DO...ENDDO and IFF...THEN...ELSE...ENDIFF, and ON BREAK and ON ERROR for exception handling.

Features of 4DOS

  • It provide additional commands
  • It provide extended functionality of existing commands
  • Many command line editing tools
  • Filtering tools are improved by file size and names
  • Colored listing of directories
  • Sophisticated swapping mechanism
  • Long file name support
  • Build in command to start new session
  • Longer command line length

About 4DOS

Developer(s)      JP Software

Stable release    8.00

Operating system  DOS, Windows

Type              Command shell

License           MIT License

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