Professional Capability Gap Analysis Sample Assignment

Junior Business Analyst


Business analysis is a composite function that developed from the systems analysis role over more than quite a few years into one where the people performing it have both knowledge of the IT and Business. Large scale business and innovation patterns are impacting the capacities that associations should produce better business results and the discipline of business analysis is advancing to meet the prerequisites of organizations in our evolving world. A junior business analyst is responsible for design and advancement core product feature and custom. As an individual from the Business Analysis Team, the Junior Business Analyst underpins the colleagues all through the venture lifecycle.

The Junior Business Analyst has an essential influence of the item configuration handle. Under the bearing of senior Business Analysis assets, you will associate in archiving both business prerequisites and extensive solutions for various projects. The business analyst comprehends business issues and openings with regards to the necessities and prescribes arrangements that empower the association to accomplish its objectives.

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Figure 1: Business Analyst Responsibilities

Description of Business Analyst role

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Figure 2: Business Analyst skill set

Elicitation - Reveal the fundamental business issues that should be addressed to and find any data associated to the project. Requirements analysis characterizes the strategies, devices and methods used to structure the raw information gathered during the Requirements Elicitation, recognize the gap in the data and characterize the abilities of the arrangement, which must be archived.

Critical Thinking - Their role is to work with domain experts and senior analyst to assist them in identifying business requirements, validating, determination of progress issues and documenting different system information and their needs. The goal is to characterize and depict the qualities of a satisfactory answer for a business issue, so that the project group has clear vision and understanding of how to plan and actualize it

Validation and Solution Assessment - The following knowledge of area makes sure that solution meets the stakeholder targets. Business Analyst helps the innovation team with detailed plan work including part a vast venture into stages, evaluating specialized outline deliverables, and building convenience into the application programming. On account of an obtained arrangement, they will help with any bundle customization choices that should be made and with interface prerequisites.

Leadership - Leadership is the most vital factor in expanding role. Productive leadership in business analysis needs consensus, collaboration and communicating for outcomes. The leadership skills required to serve as an effective liaison between the development team and business community.

Professional Capability Gap Analysis Report

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Prioritization and

Time Management

Meet deadlines milestones and workload

Manage time

Prioritization of duties

Identify deliverables

Define activities,

Organize their time

Communication and peer engagement

Effective communicators

Reading business article and programs.

Engaging with people and asking questions.


Cost overruns

Set up a guide with stakeholders

Team members to produce realistic estimates.

Change control

Unclear change may lead to misinformed decision about the change.

Conflicting interests need to be evaluated.

Structured Analysis

To recognize different modelling technique.

Identify requirements using basic conceptual and logical process/data modelling techniques

Table 1: Professional Capability Gap Analysis


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