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Press releases have become an important part of any plan or strategy which involves public relations. Information deliberately sent to a media person is considered a press release. The media plays a key role in a press release; it informs the people at masses about a new launch, update, event or so.

A press release can make or break the image of the issue, as it is the first piece of information officially given in the hands of the media. The way is it written, the information given to it and the style of writing hold a key importance in a press release. On a daily basis, media persons are flocked with stories with a good potential to make an impact.

To make your story stand out of the rest, so that the journalist feels the urge to read it till the last word and work on it is a skill, which certainly needs to be present for writing a press release. It should neither seem like a novel wit h too much yelling about the things happening around nor should it be too light without information of substance. A good press release is considered as one which delivers the information in a way so as to give the right and amount of information.

Structural elements of a press release

  • Headline:- The headline is one of the most important parts of any piece of writing, since it is the first sentence that a reader reads. Here in press release too, it is used to summarize news and grab the attention of journalists.
  • Dateline:- This consists of the date and the city where the press will be released.
  • Introduction:- This is perhaps the most important part of any piece of writing, whether a letter, essay or a press release. An introduction in a press release is the first paragraph, which gives a general idea about the matter of the press release. Answers to the questions of who, when and where are usually given in the introduction itself.
  • Body:- The part following the introduction is called the body. It explains the causes, statistics, explanation, background etc about the issue that has occurred.
  • Boilerplate:- This refers to a small section in the whole press release, which tells about the issuing company, organization or individual.
  • Media contact information:- The name of the PR or media related contact person, along with other details such as name, phone number, email address, mailing address or other contact information is provided in this section.
Press Release Writing Services

These are the main parts of a press release, which are mandatory to be included. Along with these, the close is a symbol which appears after the boilerplate or the body and before the media contact information. The commonly used sign for this is the ‘###’. This refers to the end of the text of the press release.

Now, you know the parts of a press release, right? How do we wrap these together to present an effective press release, which makes the journalists pounce on it and put it up in the news the very next day?

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Tips on How to Write an Effective Press Release

To master the skills of writing a good press release, follow these tips and practice them well. The tricks are simple to do and efficient in their result too.

Begin with a catchy headline

Yes, that’s the part where eyes fall first! The title or the headline is the part of a press release which can either grab the attention or just turns the people’s heads off. Minimal usage of words with the key information is the tip to make a good headline.

Keep in mind that it should not be too lengthy as if it begins to look as a paragraph. For additional attention, put the best use of punctuation marks and it goes up even higher to grab the attention. But remember that it should be accurate too. It should not happen that you get away from the actual topic, just to make the headline a great one.

Stick to the point from right the first paragraph

No one has time to read tales or play guessing games. People keep running here and there, between places to places. The news is the piece of information which must be precise and accurate. Get the point? No story making here should happen.

Start the key information right from the first paragraph, i.e. the introduction. Include the answers to why, when, how and where in the introduction itself. Explain each of the points well in the rest of the content. Use your way of expressing yourself to give the maximum amount of information to the people, in an appropriate amount of words. Thus, each word you write matters.

Include the numerical information

Leave the art to write impressively to the writers. You are presenting a press release here, so get to the information in depth. Present the press release with hard numbers, which stand as a proof to your product, event or announcement. This improves the quality of the press release since you are giving a piece of raw information that has been recorded.

Be a perfectionist at grammar

No errors at grammar are tolerated in any piece of writing. And when it comes to press release, then it is a must to write grammatically flawless information. Before presenting it finally, always re check it. Who knows, you may have made an error! Better you notice and correct it before the others do.

If you are not that good at checking the flaws in an article, then use various tools provided on the internet or Microsoft word and correct them. You can also get a proof reading done for your press release by someone else. A single mistake can make the reporter to keep your press release away.

Include quotes wherever you can

Add the quotes by someone who is a part of the company or anyone close to the event or product. This gives a personal touch to the press release. If writing in active voice, it is better to use the exact words of the speaker.

Keep in mind the length of the press release

Do not make it a short story. Please. No one is going to read it otherwise, or probably just put it aside after a few paragraphs. As with most of the writing, the shorter, the better. The information should be explained in a limited use of words. It is better to limit yourself to one page, and two is the maximum. Do not exceed more than two pages. You may need to condense your most salient pieces of information to be presented in your press release. So, wisely choose the information you are going to give in it.

Use good vocabulary

A good vocabulary is essential to cast a good impression on the reader. And when it comes to writing a press release, it is really important. Since you need to put a lot of information in a limited number of words, you must be sharp at your vocabulary to do it well.

Provide access to more information

Agreed that you should not exceed more than two pages, but surely you can guide them to more information, right? Therefore, add your company website’s links. It is better to have the reporters search up to your page rather than finding more information on their own.

Following these writing styles, and your press release will surely be in first hands to make it the next news. The key is to keep information to the point in an attention catching way with a limited usage of words.

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