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Posters are an amalgam of notice, advertisements and invitations. They may be in the form of large hoardings to be put up on walls, or the size of the handbills to be displayed on notice boards. Hence, they have to be captivating, attractive, and persuasive; so as to influence a large number of people. Generally, they are designed to create social awareness about issues related to current problems or needs, or too even extend public invitation and write notices.

Purposes of Poster Making

Posters can be used for highlighting the following:

  • Cultural shows/exhibitions/seminars/workshops/fairs/fetes, etc.
  • educational institutions and student’s activities
  • social themes/problems
  • general

How to Make a Poster: Features of a Poster

A poster has certain important features. These include:

Poster Making Help

Layout of a Poster

  • The poster should be visually attractive.
  • It should contain a catchy title.
  • It should contain a sketch or simple visuals to make it look attractive.
  • It must have different fonts in different shape and sizes.

Content of a Poster

  • The theme/subject must come across clearly.
  • Description/details related to the same should be given.
  • Essential details, e.g. date, time, venue, must be included.
  • Names, i.e. issuing authority, organizers, must be mentioned.

Expressions in a Poster

  • Attention must be paid to the organizing and sequencing of content.
  • Appropriate language must be used.
  • Creativity in languages and design must be encouraged.

Posters recapture and recreate the basic moods and styles of three modes of communication, i.e. notices, advertisements and invitations. They should, thus, be so designed so as to captivate letters, striking designs and ornate work. Catchy phrases and slogans are the lifelines of posters.

Important points about Poster Making

  • Maintain brevity as there is limited space available.
  • Clarity is essential in order to successfully put the message across.
  • The poster should look attractive.
  • Use visuals/pictures to create interest and get the message across. The visual/colors must add to and not detract from the message.
  • Arrange content in a pleasing, readable way. The wordings of the poster should be centered in an appealing manner.
  • The first line should introduce the purpose of the poster, e.g. Bake Sale, Health Checkup Camp, A School Fete, etc.
  • Mention relevant contact details.
  • Include other details that would awaken the interest of the reader.
  • The name and the address of the issuing organization must be clear.
  • Catchy slogans/captions can be used to make the message effective.

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