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This Assignment develops the theory of political science in India. Today India is the largest democracy in the world. Students study about the constitutional design of state administration machinery in India and analyze their actual working over time. The Indian Constitution is a living document and an embodiment of various unique ideals such as liberty and justice, territorial decentralization, fiscal federalism, union and state government. The Assignment acquaints students with the constitutional provisions in Indian constitutions and their political practice over time. Students also study the overall interaction between the state institutions and the larger extra-constitutional environment.

Our website provides information on topics dealing with the Indian Constituent Assembly and formation of Indian Constitution including its main features as well as the underlying and guiding philosophy of the Indian Constitution; Aspects of fundamental rights and directive principles of state policy as mandated within the constitution.


The Government of India is composed of three organs; the Legislature which contains the Indian parliament, the Executive comprising of President, Prime Minister and Governor and the Judiciary that has the Supreme Court at its apex. The constitution of India provides for decentralized governance and has clearly spelled out matters in regards to the Centre - state relations including constitutional provisions in the times of emergency (financial or territorial). There is also a special provision for some states and the fifth and sixth schedule areas. With the 76th Amendment the Panchayati Raj institutions and urban local bodies have been made the lowest unit of governance in India reaching the grass root level. Under the security Laws, there exist preventive detention laws and constitutional exceptions along with some extra-ordinary laws pertaining to anti-terror laws, laws against organized crimes.


However the actual political experience in India hinges on the study of political Sociology. Students need to understand the actual working of political parties and the party System in India. India comprises of few major national parties such as the Indian National Congress and a large number of regional parties. The actual union government in India is a multiparty coalition. Students may be interested in studying the overall electoral procedure in India as well as the electoral system of India which has the largest voting base in the world. In Indian elections there are various social determinants of voting such as religion, majority and minority communalism, caste, className and gender. Globalization and liberalization of India since 1991 has brought changes in the contours of development, welfare perspectives in India.


  • This Assignment on Indian Political System is extremely vast and embodies very deep and sophisticated theories of political Science that cut across fields of Sociology, Anthropology, Mathematics, Statistics, World Political Thought stories.
  • It is often not possible for students to delve deeply into each and every political and historical concept by themselves.
  • Our tutors are graduates and doctoral students who deal with these wide concepts of Indian political systems, history theories and ideologies, commentaries on the political thoughts and can bring forward the story of Indian political system for students in a very easy manner and in a short duration.
  • We can help students with Political science book reviews, Indian Political science term papers, and Assignment Help and answer various short answer and long answer queries. Our tutors are available 24/7 to help students with every aspect of Indian Political Science.
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