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Poetry is a part of literature in which we can find a lot of creativity. Poetry aims to provoke the reader's imagination power and emotions.  With the careful use of language, the poet attempts to create a unique meaning to the world with combining sound and rhythm.


According to Shelly the great poet Poetry is related to something divine and is always centred on ultimate knowledge. Poetry is beyond the knowledge of Science but poetry should be written in accordance with Science. One can record all the moments of his life whether happy or sad in poetry. Shelly also says that poetry is a mirror which attempts to beautify the distorted. Poetry is infinite in view.

Whereas the famous Romantic poet says that poetry has the spontaneous overflow of powerful emerging feelings. The origin of Poetry is recollected by emotions and then tranquility.

Carl Sandburg’s “Tentative (First Model): Definitions of Poetry” claims definitions which also describe the subjects and characteristics of Poetry. According to him, Poetry breaks the silence with the echoes and syllables involved in it. The language of poetry is plastic material of the human language and it records the nuance in two moments ie. when people speak, ‘Listen!’ including ‘Did you see it’ ‘Did you hear it? What was it?’

He also claims that poetry is a puppet show where divers of sea fathoms and riders of skyrockets gossip about sixth sense and fourth dimension. poetry is a form of echo which wants the shadow dancer to be its partner. Also, poetry is about someone who seeks to do what he can't.


While writing poetry the use of words and language is done in order to evoke the feelings, thoughts and emotions of writer/poet as well as the reader. On the other hand, a poem is just an arrangement of these words. While creating a literary piece like a poetry one has to incorporate elements like metaphor, symbols and ambiguity while a poem is considered to the result of it.


We have majorly three types of poetry -


Narrative poetry is a type of storytelling in the form of verses. the following subtopics of poetry are included in it -

  1. Epic Poetry - The heroic deeds of the protagonist is written in an elevated poetic style. Examples of this are - Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, John Milton Paradise Lost, etc.
  2. The tale in Verse poetry - This poetry was very famous at the time of the Renaissance and Romantic Period. Byron is one of the famous poets of the same.
  3. The Romance - Romance was written in medieval age with chivalry love. Edmund Spencer and Tennyson can be considered the famous pot of this genre.


Dramatic poetry is obviously poetry which involves a lot of drama with more and more characters and action. The report creates tension, expectations and conflicts to induce drama. There is no relation of characters with the poet. John Donne has many poems which represent this genre. The poem is mostly written in monologue style. It was originated by famous poets like Alfred Tennyson, Robert Browning and Eliot.

Lyrical poetry

Lyrical poetry is the most appealing and has music along the lyrics to make it more entertaining and interesting. It is important to note that lyrics do not narrate any story. The significance of the poem is that it works with emotions and expressions closely. Odes, Sonnets, Ballads, Pastorals, Elegy are part of this genre.


The elements of poetry can be classified as -


Form refers to the way the poem looks on the page. It tells about the lines, Stanzas and other things. It tells whether the poem consists of couplets or quatrains or any other thing related to the structure. There are four types of Form -

  1. The Ballad (repeated pattern)
  2. Free verse (no regular pattern)
  3. Haiku (5-7-5 syllable pattern)
  4. Limerick (a-a-b-b-a)


Speaker can be also recognized as the narrator of the poem. Speaker is the one who is speaking or talking. Speaker is not similar to the author of the poem.

Sound Devices

Sound devices are elements that the writer uses to make the poem sound more interesting and pleasing to the ear. There are 5 types of Sound Devices used.

  1. Rhyme - repeating similar sound at the end.
  2. Rhythm - Rhythm is the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in lines of poetry.
  3. Repetition - Repetition includes repeating words, phrases or even lines
  4. Alliterations- Repeating same constant sound sounds at the beginning is referred to as Alliteration.
  5. Onomatopoeia - Using words that imitate sounds like boom, bam tap, paw, etc.

Imagery is the language which is used to appeal the reader’s five senses. Details are given in it which helps the reader see, smell, hear, taste and touch the description in poem.

A good poet always uses Imagery to paint a picture of his thoughts instead of telling them in just words. 

Figurative language

When writers use words or phrases to help readers picture ordinary things in new ways. This language is often found in poems. They are -

  1. Simile
  2. Metaphor
  3. Hyperbole
  4. Personification
  5. Idiom


Poetry is significant because it guides an understanding to appreciate the beauty of the world situated around us. The reader earns a strength to look the world in sideways of what is shown. Poetry is also important because it gives us a reason to live. The world is nowadays filled with wars which portray our current in which we are living in. The World Today is ugly, chaotic, violent and has absolutely no mercy. we’re living in a fractured world and poetry is the only option to embrace the world.

Poetry gives us reasons to offer a way to empathize with every human being. Poetry as a counsellor helps us to understand each other. Poetry leads us away from the disturbances of the world like hate to love and from violence to humanity and pity. Thus, poetry acts as a bridge in making our life and world better . it gives us an immediate path of perspective to go change the world. Poets aim to create a world which is not about crying and taking each other down but living together in harmony.


While writing a poetry one must know what exactly they want to write and should apply some expert techniques before doing it. If you are an academic student who is facing difficulties in his / her work. You can take help from the following points before writing poetry -

  1. One must know what message he wants to convey through poetry.
  2. A student should avoid using cliches in poetry.
  3. A gap between the author and narrator should be meant in order to not merge the sentiments.
  4. Imagery should be used for better results.
  5. Instead of Abstract words, Concrete words should be included.
  6. The theme of the poem should be communicative as such as possible.
  7. Rhythm, Rhyme should be tried to add.
  8. Proofread when finished.


Poetry is considered to be one of the hard subjects when it comes to writing it. This is because one has to put his emotions into action. And it is normal if even after using the above techniques, you are not able to complete your poetry. It is kind of normal for a student to find the right rhythm and words with combining their emotions. Moreover, many times students do not feel communicating their emotions and feelings with anyone else, and if they want to minimal use of words becomes the problem.

This is just the starting of problems which takes place when you start writing poems. When you get down the road, one realizes that putting rhyming words and personifying and alliteration is not easy as it looks. Because understanding and finding out such things is easy but using them in your own verses is not. Poetry is simply not as easy as writing prose.

Aristotle once quoted that all of us share similar truth. But in today’s world, we all are different types o human being and all of us have different sets of truths in our life. The meaning of Person A ‘s life might not be similar to Person B ‘s life which is completely normal. So there also might be a possibility that Person B is able to put their truth in verses, whereas Person A wants more lines and words to express themselves.


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