Physics 6CL lenses ray tracing and simple optical devices

Physics 6CL

Lenses, Ray Tracing and Simple Optical Devices

1.1 The lens focuses the light onto the paper. When the lens is at a certain light the light focuses even more and becomes two parallel bars. Moving the lens up or down causes the focused light to look blurry,

1.2 The greater the curvature the closer to the paper the lens can be to focus the light sharply

1.3 The concave lens does not focus light

2.1 Focal length was 20cm

2.2 Beams converge at approximately 3.3 cm

2.3 No the block does not have symmetrical behavior. It converges light at about 4.4 cm as opposed to the 3.3 cm of the curved surface. The flat surface does not bend the light in any way. The light does not bend until it goes through the flat surface and hits the curved side on the other end. Since the light hits the curved surface farther away, the light converges farther away.

2.4 Yes, we would get a negative focal length. We would trace the refracted rays backwards and see where they converge. This would be the focal length of the concave lens

3.1 The lines do converge at a point, but they converge behind the object

3.2 Yes, lines converge in front of the object and in between the focal length and the lens

3.3 Concave lens makes objects outside the focal length bigger

4.1 Object appears closer to me but inverted

4.2 The object appears to be very close, as if I were right in front of it and could grab it


4.4 The image is magnified and inverted. It is also slightly off centered.