PHP Sample Assignment

Core PHP Pages required for Login Script

  1. Signup Page – User can request new sign-up. Note: All new sign-up request should be approved by Super Admin.
  2. Login Page – Users can enter their email & password to gain access to site.
  3. Login Validate Page – This will validate if user is valid or not. If user is valid, based on his account & role, user will be redirected to appropriate page.
  4. Login based, landing page – A role based landing page for super admin, client admin & client user.
  5. Logout Page – This will clear all login credentials saved in session.
  6. Profile page – Where user can change his details & password
  7. Password Reset Page – Where valid user can enter his email address. If email address is valid, user gets a new password in his email.
  8. New User Approval Page – New users will be approved by Super admin. Then they will be assigned to a client account & specific role. Once this is done, new user will be able to access it’s client page with required level of access (client admin OR client User).
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Note: A client user should not be able to access Client Admin page, just because he is a valid user in system. There should be username, active & role based check on page to ensure authorized user is accessing correct page. In case of any error, session should be destroyed & user should be directed to Login Page.

MY_SQL User DB Structure

  1. ID – Int, Auto Increase, Primary, Not Null
  4. CLIENT – VARCHAR, 256
  5. ROLE – VARCHAR, 256
  6. VALID – True/False

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