PHI103 Should a photo id be required for voting

The topic I selected for this discussion is “Should a photo ID be required for voting?” I selected this topic due to it was the first one to jump out to me when looking at the available options for our final paper. I have never really considered the pros and cons of requiring a photo ID to vote. When it comes to voting you just automatically assumed that you will need a photo ID to verify your identity.

While researching this topic I found an article called “Top 10 Reasons Photo ID Should be Required to Vote” by Dave Anderson. The article listed the main reasons an ID should required to vote, the majority of the reasons were linked to unbiased facts or opinions.

Premise 1: Photo ID does not reduce voter turn out

Premise 2: Photo ID will help deter voter fraud

Premise 3: Providing an ID to vote will not compromise the anonymity of the vote

Conclusion: Therefore, providing a photo ID will not stop voters from voting, but will help to assist in protecting the right to vote.

Counter Argument-

Premise 1: Proving a photo ID deters the poor from voting

Premise 2: Obtaining ID costs money

Premise 3: Proving photo ID reduces the turnout among minority voters

Conclusion: Therefore, providing or requiring an ID to vote will decline the voter turnout, especially for those who are poor or a minority.

What more can we do to better understand those on the both sides of important questions?

To better understand both sides of the questions we must complete research and use our critical thinking skills. To fully understand an argument, we must view both sides while analyzing the benefits of society.

Do you think that understanding issues as strongly as possible from multiple points of view could promote a better life?

I think fully understanding each point of view can assist with us with a better way of life. If we listen to each side of an argument and then research the information you can make a better decision or stance on the topic. It is better to make an educated decision than one fueled by emotions.