PHI103 Informal Logic Angela Camaille

Week 1 Discussion PHI103 Informal Logic Angela Camaille

Should photo ID be required for voting?

Premise 1: Having a photo ID makes the voting process easy.

Premise 2: It allows citizens to cast their ballots once which prevents voting fraud.

Conclusion: proof of Identification will be required before casting a ballot.

Premise 1: Many Americans may not have a photo ID which will prevent access to voting.

Premise 2: Democrats and Republican voting turnouts will drop.

Conclusion: Many Citizens will not vote due to not having proper identification.

Do these arguments represent the best arguments on each side of the question?

I feel this argument is valid for both sides. Being able to vote is essential which increase participation and gives voters their right vote, and the negative side to it is without proper identification, it will strip away voter rights to vote with less involvement.

What more can people do to understand the views of those with different perspectives on this and other topics?

the individual will have to do their research on the pros and cons required to show when presenting photo Identification to vote and how much do voting restrictions affect elections.