Pharmacology Scenario 8 Sample Assignment

Pharmacology Scenario 8: Suzanne Morris

Guided Reflection Questions

Opening Questions

How did the simulated experience of Suzanne Morris’s case make you feel?

I felt good about my experience with Suzanne, she was cooperative.

Talk about what went well in the scenario.

I introduced myself and did hand hygiene. I remembered to ask about allergies and assess her before and after medication administration.

Reflecting on Suzanne Morris’s case, were there any actions you would do differently if you were to repeat this scenario? If so, how would your patient care change?

If I were to redo this scenario I would educate Suzanne on probiotics, adverse effects of antibiotics, and metronidazole.

Scenario Analysis Questions [1]

PCC/EBP What priority problem(s) did you identify for Suzanne Morris?

The priority problem was the diarrhea and risk of dehydration, Suzanne complained of a dry mouth and abdominal cramping.

PCC/EBP What information in Suzanne Morris’s medical history could have potentiated the C. difficile infection and why?

Several medications would potentially cause a C. difficile infection due to the antibiotics eating away all of the good bacteria in her guy.

EBP What are the potential problems that could arise if the C. difficile was not treated immediately?

If not treated properly there is a risk of septic shock and death.

PCC/T &C/S Discuss what should be taught to Suzanne Morris regarding her C. difficile infection.

The patient should be educated about safe medication administration, how to take her medications, and the importance of taking probiotics.

T&C What other interprofessional team members should be involved in Suzanne Morris’s care?

Pharmacist, infectious disease doctor

Concluding Questions

Describe how you would apply the knowledge and skills that you obtained in Suzanne Morris’s case to an actual patient care situation.

I will apply the knowledge and skill to ensure patient safetly, I would wear proper PPE and follow isolation precautions

The Scenario Analysis Questions are correlated to the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) competencies: Patient-Centered Care (PCC), Teamwork and Collaboration (T&C), Evidence-Based Practice (EBP), Quality Improvement (QI), Safety (S), and Informatics (I). Find more information at: