Syntax Handling Languages Assignment Help

Syntax Handling Language is the basic structure of all programming Language. Where syntax is a set of rules that defines the combination of symbols that are considered to be correctly structured document. This document represent data in the form of source code and markup languages. The text based computer programming language are based on sequence of characters, like visual programming Languages are based on spatial layout and connections between symbols.

Levels of syntax

The programming languages are having three levels:

  • Words: :It determining how the words are form tokens and the Lexical level.

  • Phrases: It is the grammar level and determine how tokens form phrases.

  • Context: It determine which object or variable names refer to, if types are valid etc.

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Syntax Handling Languages Assignment Help
fig:Syntax Handling Languages

Here is an example of Syntax Handling Languages

&int main()
printf("There were %d characters in %d lines\n",
return 0;
If you store this code in a ?le count.l, you can build an executable from it by
lex -t count.l > count.c
cc -c -o count.o count.l
cc -o counter count.o -ll
1You see that the lex ?le is ?rst turned into a n

Following are some of the Languages in Syntax Handling Languages: