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Rule-based languages Assignment Help

Rule based programming Language is used as a way to store a manipulate knowledge to interpret information in useful way. It is often used in AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications and research. The example of rule-based system is the domain-specific expert system that used rules to make deductions or choices.

For an example, an expert system help a teacher to choose a student based on the performance of the student in exams, activities or select tactical moves to play a game.

It has four basic components:

  1. List of rule or rule base: It is used for specific type of knowledge base.
  2. A semantic engine, which is used for taking action based on the interaction of input and the rule base.
  3. Third component has three phases

    • Match: In this first phase, the left-hand sides of all productions are matched against the contents of working memory.
    • Conflict-Resolution: In second phase the production instantiations in the conflict set is chosen for execution.
    • Act: In third phase, the actions of the production selected in the conflict-resolution phase are executed.
  4. Temporary working memory.

Rule-based languages Assignment Help By Online Tutoring and Guided Sessions at AssignmentHelp.Net

Here is an example of Rule-based languages

(object-className request
(strategy MEA)
(make request ^action hello)
(rule hello
(request ^action hello)
(write | Hello, world!| (crlf))

Following are some of the Languages in Rule-based languages:

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