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Introduction to Logic based programming

A Programming Paradigm based on logic. A program is represented by a set of facts and a set of axioms. The axioms and clauses may have arguments. Programs written in a logical programming language are sets of logical sentences, expressing facts and rules about some problem domain. Together with an inference algorithm, they form a program.

Advantages of Logic Based Programming

  • Logic programming languages are classified as high level languages as they implement computation's logic rather than mechanics. They have a powerful pattern matching mechanism as well as good memory management (stacks and pointers). This makes them ideal for expressing complex ideas and algorithms
  • Logical programming languages allow data to be represented both extensionally and intentionally. Intentional representation can also generate related representations for example adjacency lists for easy access of the following data elements. These can be derived dynamically from configuration rules
  • Another advantage of logic programming languages is that they are well suited for rapid interpretation of the data structure and the code to implement very complicated ideas. Due to their compact syntax and logical nature experienced programmers find the code simple to read and debug. From the programmers point of view the difficulty of coding is vagueness in human thinking. However Prolog coding is easier as the syntax is very short and precise

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interactive programming

ALF Programming is Algebraic Logic Functional Programming. ALF programming language is used to combine the functional and logical techniques of programming. The ALF system was designed to be an efficient implementation of the combination of resolution, narrowing, rewriting, and rejection. An ALF Program consist of number of modules contained in a one modules which contains a sequence of goals to be proved.

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Curry is a functional logic programming language which is based on the Haskell Language. It contain elements of functional and logical programming

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Leda Programming Language is a Logic-based programming language which is multiparadigm programming langage whose goal is to mix imperative, object-oriented, functional and logic-based programming features into one language. It is used for providing framework in which programmers can work in variety of styles, freely intemixing constructs from different paradigam.

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OZ Programming Language is a Concurrent Programming Language and Multiparadigm Programming Languag. It supports declarative Programming, Object Oriented Programming and many other. It supports many platforn like Unix, Linux, Microsoft Window. The Mozart Programming System is implemented of OZ

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Poplog is a logic based programming language and it is multi-language programming environment for the programming languages POP-11, Common Lisp, Prolog and standard ML. It was developed in UK for teaching and research in artifical intelligence at the University of Sussex. It is free Cross-platform Compiler

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Roop is a multiparadigm programming language which is target the artificial intelligence applications. Roop Programming language is developed in the china at the Chengdu University of China. Roop programming language is easy to learn and flexible programming language as compare to other artificial intelligence programming languages. It combines the rule-based, procedural, logical and object-oriented programming languages. Roop Programming language can be used in many parts of the artificial intelligence :

  • game playing
  • expert system
  • natural language
  • neural network
  • robotics

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