Perdisco MYOB Assignment Help

Week 1


Transaction description


Obtained a loan of $45,000 from BitiBank at a simple interest rate of 6% per year. The first interest payment is due at the end of August 2021 and the principal of the loan is to be repaid on June 1, 2024.


Purchased 23 boxes of Party Mix with cash for $50 each, Check No. 903.


Purchased 17 boxes of Raspberry Delights from East Tangiers Cooperative for $60 each, terms 2/10, n/30.


Paid the full amount owing to Spud's Confectionery, Check No. 904. Payment fell within discount period.


Paid the full amount owing to Restlay, Check No. 905. Payment fell within discount period.


Sold 9 boxes of Jelly Beans to Central Candy for $100 each, Invoice No. 501.


Purchased 2 boxes of Organic Chocolate from Brennan Imports Group for $100 each, terms net 30.


Made cash sales of $7,793 during the first 6 days of the month.

Week 2


Transaction description


Candy Man paid the full amount owing on their account. Since Candy Man has been a loyal customer from the day the business commenced, a 10% discount was given for this early repayment.


Paid the full amount owing to Hershel's, Check No. 906.


Central Candy returned $1,657 worth of product. Issued a Credit Memorandum for $1,657.


Sold 19 boxes of Raspberry Delights to Mercury Square for $87 each, Invoice No. 502.


Made cash sales of $11,199 during the week.

Week 3


Transaction description


Returned $643 worth of faulty product to Brennan Imports Group. Received a Credit Memorandum for $643.


Paid sales staff wages of $5,400 for the two weeks up to and including yesterday, Check No. 907.


Sold 7 Candy Making Kits to Candy Rush for $170 each, Invoice No. 503.


Central Candy paid the full amount owing on their account.


Received a purchase order from Mercury Square. Created a corresponding sales order to deliver 14 boxes of Strawberry Fudge to this customer for $80 each, Invoice No. 504.


Made cash sales of $10,964 during the week.


Mercury Square paid $800 in partial payment of their account.

Instructions for end of month posting

1) Total the columns in the special journals. Record the amount in the Total row of each journal.

2) Post the totals of the columns in the special journals to their corresponding ledger account. To confirm that the posting has been performed, a posting reference is recorded in the last row of the special journals. If the total of a column is not required to be posted, you need to record an X in the post reference field for that column.

3) Record the final unadjusted balance of each ledger account in the Unadjusted Balance row of each ledger, even for ledgers with a balance of zero. Although each ledger already has a running balance, the Unadjusted Balance row must still be filled out in order to receive full points.

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