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Paraphrasing Tool

What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the rewriting of a text but with the same meaning. This is done by changing the words or tense of the text without changing the context. It is important to not change the contextual meaning of the text while paraphrasing.

A paraphrasing example can be, "The signal was green" as "Train didn't stop there because the signal was green ". In this type of paraphrasing, the contextual meaning is the same but it was explained a little more. Other than expansion one can also decrease the material, but this should be done without increasing or decreasing the meaning of the text.

The phrase widely used "in your own words" is usually practised within the context of paraphrasing. It simply means to rewrite the text in your own writing style.

Why is paraphrasing important?

Paraphrasing is an essential aspect of writing because it illustrates a basic understanding of the source which was cited. Further, this understanding helps the individual to write about it in his own words or language. It also provides the powerful expression of using quotes in between the text of great critics, and researchers which put an amazing impression towards teachers. But paraphrasing is also important because we cannot use these tools everywhere and every time. Thus, Paraphrasing is an important exercise to learn.

Paraphrasing helps in using the brilliant material in your own words without copying it.

In academic writing, one cannot just copy-paste the source and get marks. In fact, copying work is accepted as an offence. Thus, paraphrasing plays an important role there.

Rules of Paraphrasing

1.NO USE OF DIRECT QUOTATION- If paraphrasing is being incorporated then one must remember to not accompany a direct quotation, instead, the context should be changed and the sources should be mentioned(referencing) correctly (From where work is cited)

For example -When the light was green, trains could easily go (

2.DETAILED PARAPHRASING -While paraphrasing it should be always tried to paraphrase in a more detailed way. Paraphrasing should not look like a summary. In fact, it should have all the details and mentioned points.

For example - She had strawberries and oats in breakfast and went to work by her car.

Wrong paraphrasing - She ate her breakfast and went to work.

Correct paraphrasing - She ate her morning meal made of strawberries and oats and then directed towards work in her car.

  1. SAME PURPOSE - A paraphrasing should attempt to conserve the fundamental purpose and meaning of the source text which is being paraphrased. This is the only reason why the original text becomes a source or "original research " and the work done becomes paraphrased.

5.DYNAMIC EQUIVALENT- A paraphrase is done must represent “dynamic equivalent" of the "original text " thereof.

Plagiarism and paraphrasing

Many people are having their take on plagiarism, but many less of them exactly know what exactly plagiarism is. Plagiarism is the improper benefit taken from someone else work by “stealing and publication". When a person copy-pastes another author's "language, opinions, beliefs, or expressions" and them as their own original work, then that is known as plagiarism.  Plagiarism is recognised as academic dishonesty and a violation of journalistic ethics.

It is significant to know how to avoid plagiarism whether you are writing an academic paper or a blog post. Plagiarism should be avoided everywhere. Copying and pasting the original text can have many bad consequences on a student's grade. Thus, paraphrasing is the widely used way to avoid plagiarism. Paraphrasing helps you navigate the context of the text but without changing its meaning. Paraphrasing helps in reducing the risk of plagiarism. Through the means of paraphrasing, there is absolutely no risk in putting any summaries, quotations or paragraphs in your work.

If you are thinking that would paraphrasing be considered as plagiarism? Then the answer is no. Plagiarism is when one steals someone’s work and claim it as their own. But here one is just referring to the sources and writing them in their language with proper referencing. Referencing will let the readers know that to whom the work actually belongs to.

Problems in paraphrasing

Students have many issues in paraphrasing text. Some of these can be -

  1. PROBLEM IN EXPRESSING - Many students find it difficult to paraphrase the work because they are not able to express other the ideas presented in the original text in their own words. Many times, even if they try, the result ends up with just a few words changed which many of the times results in plagiarism.
  2. PROBLEM OF SYNONYMS -Students are not having proper information about the paraphrasing techniques which needs to be employed. Nobody has taught them the techniques so they just change the original words to their synonyms. But students do not realise that this would still be called plagiarism.

Example - CEO wake up early and start sending emails right away.

Wrong Paraphrased- CEO’s rise right away in the morning and begin shooting off electronic messages immediately.

  1. IRRELEVANT PARAPHRASING -Many students paraphrase the text but it becomes absolutely irrelevant to the original text. This does not lead to plagiarism or copying but it nullifies the real meaning

Example - CEO wake up early and start sending emails right away.

Wrong Paraphrased- CEO are in charge of hiring upper-level business people for their company.

4.INSUFFICIENT PARAPHRASING - Students also end up shortening the text completely instead of investing time in paraphrasing. They just cut short the text which ends up in destroying the essence of the text absent. The paraphrased short version is not enough to even give the jest of the original text.

Example- CEO wake up early and start sending emails right away.

Assignment help paraphrasing tool

Assignmenthelp paraphrasing tool is the right platform for students to get indulged in safe and secure means of paraphrasing by do not work hard on it. understands what problems a student deals with while paraphrasing and to solve all of this it has made an online platform where they can send their work requirement and sources which needs to be cited and then further it is our duty to work upon it and paraphrase it.

Our company has the ability to paraphrase and rewrite every essay and article with new ways to explain the same meaning of the source. Whether you want to remix the textual content and website is up for it. Doesn’t matter how many sources you have to work with, we can easily make a full-fledged paper with paraphrasing the content. We can also add our own critical thing and analytical points in a way which does not disturb the context of the source.

We can easily do the trick of paraphrasing to benefit the students who are having problems to work with it. Whether you want this help for your academic work or for your blog /Website. We have got all the brainstorming techniques to work paraphrasing.

Assignment help paraphrasing technique

We have a very simple yet very efficient technique to paraphrase each and every word without changing the meaning. We imply the following useful strategies to improve the quality of text by paraphrasing skills done by language experts who are qualified as PhD.

  1. 1. The PhD experts first make sure that they have understood the text completely before even trying to paraphrase it.
  2. Further, they make a short structure of the text they are going to write and read the text again by skimming it.

3, They particularly pay attention to the sentences that how could they be changed without changing their topic.

  1. After these technique keywords are added to the text like synonyms etc . And tenses are changed if required.
  2. Use of complex academic language is done to enhance the quality of the text.
  3. The original text and paraphrased text is compared by our editors and proofreaders so that no mistakes could be encountered and 100 % result goal could be achieved.
  4. All the sources and references are referred through referencing format in a proper formal way so that the text looks professional and original cited work.

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Advantages of paraphrasing tool

  1. We can type a brilliant critical/academic paraphrased paper within the deadlines allotted by the client. Even if work is allotted before three days, then also we can deliver it within the deadline.
  2.'s payment method is very pocket-friendly and cheap. We take the help of paraphrasing very affordable because we understand that our clients are students and many of them are not working.
  3. Our experts are well updated about the university guidelines in order to not make any mistake while paraphrasing the sources.
  4. Plagiarism is a big no for us. We know that copied works are usually not allowed in colleges and universities and it may lead to grade fail too. That is the only reason why we are here to help students paraphrase their sources.
  5. We start our work from scratch. Even if we are paraphrasing a source on a specific topic 100th time we will write and paraphrase different content every time.
  6. Paraphrasing is done according to client requirement.
  7. Word count is always kept in mind in order to not make the essay too lengthy or too short. We always deliver perfect length-ed paraphrasing with all important information in it.
  8. We have expert paraphrase-rs who are excellent in grammar and vocabulary which means zero mistakes.
  9. Confidentiality is our promise. We would not let anyone know about the help and your identity would not be shared with anyone.

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