Resubmission Support

Resubmission Support & Rejected/Revised Manuscript Resubmission Services

If your paper receives reviewer comments, our publication experts will assist you with everything necessary to resubmit your manuscript. The revised manuscript will be sent for re-evaluation by our experts.

  1. Review and Ensure Compliance
    Our team will thoroughly review your revised manuscript to ensure it adheres to the journal's requirements.

  2. Address Reviewer Feedback
    We will cross-check your responses to the reviewers' feedback, making sure all questions and concerns are addressed accurately.

  3. Resubmit to the Same Journal
    We will handle the resubmission of your revised manuscript and responses to the original journal.

If your paper gets rejected, we provide support to help you submit to another journal.

  1. Reformat Your Manuscript
    Our experts will recheck and reformat your manuscript according to the guidelines of the new journal you select.

  2. Draft a New Cover Letter
    We will create a new cover letter tailored to the guidelines of the new journal.

  3. Submit Your Revised Paper
    We will handle the resubmission process, including all responses and revisions, to the new journal.