Plagiarism Check

Plagiarism Check Report and Plagiarism Checker for Research Papers

Our plagiarism checker report assists you in identifying passages in your manuscript that could be flagged by journals for accidental plagiarism. We meticulously review your manuscript using widely recognized software in the academic community to verify the originality of the document. Additionally, we provide a detailed report highlighting problematic sections along with expert comments on how these issues might affect the journal's evaluation.

Comprehensive Plagiarism Check for Research Papers Using iThenticate

  • Identification of Problematic Sections: We pinpoint areas of concern within your manuscript.
  • Expert Commentary: Receive feedback from a publication expert on corrective actions.

Why Choose Editage’s Plagiarism Check Services?

Plagiarism is a serious ethical breach in scholarly publishing. Even minor instances can lead to manuscript rejection and damage your reputation as a scholar. Understanding what constitutes plagiarism can be challenging, especially for students, young researchers, and even seasoned authors.

Editage’s professional plagiarism checker services are essential for ensuring your manuscript is free of plagiarism. We utilize iThenticate, the most trusted plagiarism detection software used by leading peer-reviewed journals. Our publication experts provide detailed feedback and suggestions to help you submit an ethically sound manuscript with a higher chance of acceptance.

Ideal Scenarios for Using Our Plagiarism Check Services:

  1. Avoiding Plagiarism While Referencing: Ensuring proper attribution of expressions from previous publications.
  2. Verifying Student Manuscripts: Ideal for lab heads or research supervisors needing to check their students' work.
  3. Bulk Checks for Groups or Organizations: Suitable for university departments, labs, or research groups to screen their output.

How Does the Plagiarism Check Report Work?

Journal editors evaluate manuscripts for clarity, relevance, and originality. Editage’s Journal Plagiarism Checker ensures a plagiarism-free paper in three simple steps:

  1. Upload Document: Select a Publication Support Services pack or a custom pack with our Plagiarism Check Report and upload your manuscript.
  2. Manuscript Processing: After confirming your order, your file will be scanned for plagiarism, and our experts will provide detailed feedback.
  3. Finalize File: Receive your plagiarism check report to identify which areas need improvement and how to correct them.

Benefits of Editage’s Plagiarism Checker Report Service:

Our service effectively eliminates accidental plagiarism from research manuscripts, reducing the risk of desk rejection. Researchers submitting to leading English-language journals prefer Editage’s plagiarism check report because it offers:

  • Quick and Thorough Checks: Using iThenticate, which covers 82 million academic resources.
  • Detailed Reports: Easily identify and correct plagiarism with expert recommendations.
  • Single and Bulk Checks: Benefit individual researchers, labs, university departments, or research groups.