Journal Submission

Article Artwork, Table & Figure Formatting, and Scientific Illustrations Services

Understanding and adhering to the specific guidelines for technical artwork that each journal requires can be a challenging task for research scholars. Instead of spending valuable time learning the necessary software and design skills, you can rely on our specialists at Our experts are well-versed in the technical artwork guidelines for a wide array of journals and file formats. They modify your figures and images to meet journal specifications with precision and aesthetic appeal. With’s Journal Submission service, you can ensure that all your journal’s technical requirements are met.

  • Expert Artwork Formatting Services
  • Adherence to journal-specific guidelines
  • Enhanced figure resolution, color, and size
  • In-depth understanding of detailed formatting guidelines specified by target journals
  • Optimization of font size, style, spacing, and file dimensions
  • Use of industry-standard software for meeting technical formatting needs
  • Free reformatting or revisions for the same journal within 60 days

How Our Article Journal Submission Service Works

Our design specialists are knowledgeable about the technical artwork guidelines for various journals and formats:

  1. Submit Your Specifications
    • Provide us with your final editable artwork files and any other relevant information.
  2. File Type Verification
    • We check your files and offer revisions if needed (unlimited within the next 60 days for the same journal).
  3. Expert Artwork Formatting
    • Our designers format your artwork to comply with the journal’s technical requirements.

Benefits of Our Table Formatting and Article Journal Submission Service

International journals have strict specifications for manuscript presentation, including stringent guidelines for technical artwork and design.’s Journal Submission experts ensure that your manuscript’s figures meet all critical journal requirements. When you choose’s Journal Submission services, you benefit from:

  • Assurance that all specific journal guidelines for authors are strictly followed, covering layout styles, text formatting, placement and size of figures, and table formatting.
  • Support from our team of skilled graphic designers, who address even the smallest and most easily overlooked details in your manuscript's figures.
  • Access to advanced software applications to correct technical aspects of your artwork, ensuring better clarity and adherence to industry standards.
  • Enhanced color, resolution, and size of images, tables, and graphs.