Organisation Development Plan Sample Assignment

Executive Summary

Established in 2013, Boutique Build Australia has had a dream run in Sydney and its neighbouring suburbs. By designing and building quality designer homes for the community, we have managed to create a brand that is trustworthy to its customers in delivering quality products at affordable prices.

Since we are living in a world of continuous growth, we, Boutique Build Australia is proud to announce its two new units in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. We hope that the next one year would be of historical significance in the transformation of our organisation.

We would like to thank each one of our team members to have showed their courage along with skills to help build this company.

As the company is in a period of growth, the objective is to deliberately plan the effort to increase organisational relevance and viability. In order to do so firstly we have to analyse ourselves and point out the areas of improvement. As we will go this this report, we will find new challenges coming our way ranging to shortage of manpower, perceived gender inequality in our industry, highly competitive market and budget restraints.

We have successfully made an action plan to overcome each and every obstacle coming our way and are counting on the different departments to achieve their goals in their respective fields.


Skilled Labour Shortages

Human resources are the most important component of their organisation. That’s because the success or failure of any business highly depends on the quality of labour available to it. For us to hire effectively and acquire the type of skilled workers your business will need to succeed, we need to have a robust recruitment process that is able to source, sort and select the best workers available.

Because of the lengthy nature of recruiting, it can be quite difficult to acquire quality skilled employees when in a hurry. It’s for this reason that we plan to hire temporary employees who are unskilled for that role to cover for absent workers or employee shortages as the business looks for or considers a permanent solution.

Employees with a specialised skill set are essential, creating a skilled workforce by training and development is effective, however, much time consuming and a lot of cost is involved. Hence it is very important to acquire employees with a specialised skill set and retaining them with effective remuneration.

Controlling attrition rate is very essential to find a long-term solution for labour shortages. We plan to provide the best pay rate as compared to market price, it will help us retaining skilled employees, moreover we plan to provide insurance, health care and medical benefits to the employees.


There is no shying away from the fact that there are rare contractors who devote themselves to the organisation. Hence, outsourcing construction projects to contractors is major upcoming and ongoing challenge, however, with proper incentivisation, we can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of contractors in terms of quality.

To resolve this challenge, the first step is all executives from both sides must meet for the board meeting on a fortnightly basis. This will help us create a positive environment.

Also refined monitoring processes will be set in place, so that our organisation is in total control all the time. 


In the expansion process, to estimate a concrete precise picture of total expense would be impossible as the miscellaneous expense is not yet examined for Brisbane and Sunshine Coast area. Hence, the proposed mechanism is translating fiscal objectives into projected monthly spending pattern which will, therefore, enhance the decision making. After a few months, we will be able to recognise controllable and uncontrollable cost areas.

Essential for the budgetary programme, revenues and expenses are reported by responsible departments, thus providing historical data that are valuable for planning and providing budgetary control for evaluation as performance can be compared to plans.

Gender Equality

Boutique Build Australia does not support any sort of discrimination whether it is based on sex, age, race etc. and is committed to build a culture where there is a mutual respect for everyone.

One way of dealing with the shortage of skilled workforce is by creating an environment where every member of our work force has a positive vibe about our organisation. We have decided to introduce new training programs that will give us some insight into life of a women and the sacrifices she has to go through in order to survive in this man dominated society. We expect to create an environment of mutual respect where we are able to appreciate each other creativeness. 

Situation Analysis



Value and quality

Strong management

Customer loyalty

Friendly organisational culture

Level of available finance for investment

Brand name not developed as yet

Small organisation



Leadership skills in demand

Opportunities to offer a range of services

High level of competition

Perceived gender inequality

Failing to attract skilled labour

Action Plan

The systematic coordination of functions is essential to achieve organisational objectives. The objective of Boutique Build Australia, therefore, is the performance of various activities necessary to enhance quality of designs, attract skilled workforce and promote sales.

The functions of organisation can be classified as follows.

Administrative Functions

Project in charge: Human Resource Manager

Attract, engage and develop the best staff

  • Continuing the drive to a customer centred, high performance workforce and culture
  • Strengthening the skills of our people, to better support customer needs
  • Empowering innovation and responsiveness to change
  • Continuing to enhance the diversity of our workforce.
  • Employing additional consultants
  • Developing our human resources by implementing a formal human resources framework
  • Exploring the use of technology in human resources.

Marketing Strategies

Project in charge: Sales and Marketing Manager

Our marketing strategies aim to:

  • build our brand
  • generate new leads
  • help to convert those leads quickly
  • form ongoing relationships and referrals

We plan to develop our market share by:

  • Improving our marketing and advertising
  • Continually improving the quality of service given to our valued customers
  • Maintaining effective communication channels with all stakeholders to ascertain industry requirements and then develop products and manage services accordingly
  • Continually improving communication channels with all our stakeholders, ensuring a flow of timely and accurate information to facilitate effective planning and decision making
  • Targeting identified growth markets with planned, market appropriate campaigns employing a variety of promotional strategies and advertising mediums
  • Offering attractive fee structures to our customers
  • Continually improving the skills, knowledge and effectiveness of Boutique Build Australia through our commitment to training and development
  • Regularly reviewing the effectiveness of all our operations and making improvements when and where necessary

Operational Strategies

  • Design and develop a monthly newsletter to send out to all clients (Responsibility: Customer Service Team; Timeline: newsletter to be in operation by July 2017)
  • Create a blog page on web site to provide regular latest news (Responsibility: IT contractors and Marketing Team; Timeline: immediately)
  • Employ new full-time Accounts Manager (Responsibility: Human Resources Manager; Timeline: Accounts Manager employed by July 2017)
  • Offer senior consultants the opportunity to become permanent employees (Responsibility: Human Resources Manager; Timeline: Permanent status finalized by end June 2017; contracts revised)
  • Recruit two new senior consultants on a contract basis (Responsibility: Human Resources Manager; Timeline: New senior consultants appointed by August 2017)
  • Conduct research on the use of social media in human resources recruitment and identify incorporation into human resources practices.


The aim of our organisation is to become the leading construction company in Australia and we are hopeful to achieve this by implementing the above discussed strategies into our work culture. We are positive that we will be able to build a name of our self in this competitive market in the next one year where we no longer have to advertise our qualities but the good word will travel from our customers instead.