{" "} Nursing Assignment Question

Technology Discovery and Application Assignment

Conduct a literature search and use an internet search engine to search the web and identify at least five (5) technologies, five (5) software programs and ten (10) Smartphone apps you feel will be helpful for you in your role as advanced nurse practitioner or advanced nurse educator. Include a paragraph on each technology that identifies: name of technology, approximate cost, description of the technology, data management principles, benefits to practice, challenges of the application, and your perspective on the practicality of use in practice and/or nursing education. Look for the latest and most promising cutting edge technologies and applications you feel will be most useful.

The assignment should be in APA format and should include at least five (5) research-based sources in your paper and referenced in the reference section. Electronic resources should be referenced as well. This assignment is worth 25% of your total grade and should not be more than 1200 words of text. An example of the outline is below:

Title page


Promising Healthcare Technologies (30 points)

Software Programs for Advanced Practice Nurses {" "} (30 points)

Smartphone Apps for the Family Nurse Practitioner or Advanced Nurse Educator {" "} (30 points)



Proper Grammar/APA 6th edition (10 points)

Please refer to the assignment rubric for grading requirements.