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Network Standardization Assignment Help

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Network Standards: It is an important part of computer network, in which we make some standard criteria in fields like: standardization of email services e.g. SMTP, standardization of web services such as http and html, standardization in Internet directory e.g. LDAP, Standardization application e.g. FTP, telnet and http.

Processes use in standardization

Two types of standardization:

  • Formal Standards: Which is developed by government employee or an official industries.
  • Defacto Standards: It is appear in marketplace by the some vendors but it have no official standards.

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Network Standardization Assignment

Network Standardization Assignment Help By Online Tutoring and Guided Sessions from AssignmentHelp.Net

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Features of Network Standardization:

  • A standard assures that there will be a large market for a particular piece of equipment or software.
  • Network standard allows products from multiple vendors to communicate, giving the purchaser more flexibility in equipment selection and use.
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