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Staff Training Options

Whether it comes in a one-on-one training format or full-fledged training sessions, employees always need trainings and refreshers on how to best perform their jobs and contribute to achieving corporate goals. Receiving continuous education also means they’re always on the cutting edge of industry developments.

1. Orientation:

Orientation is the most common type of employee training. It’s a one-time event formally welcoming and introducing new hires to your company within their first week on the job. This training tends to be relevant to all company-wide roles and departments.

2. On-board training:

Onboarding trainings ideally start on the first day of employment and may carry on throughout the first year as needed. It is prepared by department leaders with the focus of reaching departmental goals and connecting them with overall company objectives. Topics should, therefore, address employee needs and provide them with easy access to information and skills that they need to do their jobs efficiently and maximize employee engagement.

3. Technical skills development training:

Technical skills training is a fundamental employee education component because it’s the main way your employees will know how to technically do their jobs right. And for those who already know how to do their jobs, we guarantee they still have more to learn. Employees need to engage in ongoing learning on a regular basis to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

4. Soft skills development training:

Soft skills trainings are useful for new and existing employees of all levels and are an extremely effective way to build an efficient, respectful and collaborative culture – ultimately affecting the bottom line.

5. Products and Services training:

Product trainings can either be a part of onboarding for new comers or can be available for any employees who need refreshers on the products and services the organization offers. This type of training can also be used to educate staff on newly introduced products, services or features so they are always up to date.

Staff Training Report:

Training Options







Bowen Hills


2 Weeks


Staff Engagement

Spring Hill


2 Weeks

Technical Skills




7 Weeks

Soft Skills

Collaborative culture

Petrie Terrace


2 Months

P & S training

Refreshing Products



3 Months