Music Quiz 12

1. Pianist-composer, he collaborated with Miles Davis on the album Bitches Brew before becoming a founding member of the fusion group Weather Report:

Joe Zawinul

2. Pianist-composer and principal collaborator with Pat Metheny:

Lyle Mays

3. Band leader, and principal composer of Bitches Brew:

Miles Davis

4. He played fretless electric bass guitar and joined Weather Report in 1976; known for his dazzling virtuosity and charismatic flair, he became a model for a new generation of aspiring bass players in the worlds of both jazz and rock music:

Jaco Pastorius

5. Who composed Birdland:

Joe Zawinul

6. Tenor saxophonist in the mid-sixties Miles Davis quintet, he was also a founding member of Weather Report:

Wayne Shorter

7. Who composed Steps - What Was:

8. In 1969, Miles Davis formed a new band and recorded two highly influential albums, In A Silent Way and Bitches Brew.

ALL BUT ONE of the following statements about the music of Bitches Brew are true. Which statement is incorrect?

  1. A) Bitches Brew features only one tune that is less than ten minutes (and two that are over twenty minutes)
    B) The band structure was novel, featuring three drummers and a percussionist, two to three electric pianists, two bass players, an electric guitarist, in addition to soprano sax, bass clarinet, and trumpet
    C) The musical textures were variable, highly dissonant, and multi-layered over an almost hypnotic (but pleasing) pulse
    D) As a landmark album, Bitches Brew modeled the "smooth" fusion that would characterize much of the music of the "fusion" musicians who would follow
    E) Miles himself explored the higher register with broadly scattered, expressive gestures (sometimes subject to electronic echo effects)

9. In the following piece, who is playing the electric piano?

  1. A) John Lewis
    B) Chick Corea
    C) Herbie Hancock
    D) Keith Jarrett
    E) Joe Zawinul

Return to Forever, “Spain” (Chick Corea)

10. In the following piece, who is playing piano?

  1. A) Chick Corea
    B) Tommy Flanagan
    C) Herbie Hancock
    D) Joe Zawinul
    E) Keith Jarrett

Keith Jarrett, “Landscape For Future Earth”