Modern Technology and/or Social Media in The Office

Modern Technology in the Office

Today, business success is only a reserve for businesses adopting modern technologies to enhance their operations. However, the strategic management goal I want this organization to achieve is effective communication. Communication is becoming an important tool for any organization seeking business success.

Exchange of information- When businesses can effectively share information with their customers, it is possible to woe them and earn their loyalty ("Importance or role of business communication," n.d.). Therefore, as management, you have the ultimate responsibility of creating and disseminating credible information to employees, customers, and other key stakeholders like suppliers to boost business performance. Further, without the sharing of information, businesses can't make any progress. We are in the information age, and businesses are expected to use data to improve their service delivery. That is why there are information and communication technology (ICT), where businesses are expected to gather information and disseminate the same information to their target market through communication technologies. Also, businesses need the information to stay in touch with reality; that is, they have to gather information about customers' experience and use feedback from them to develop a communication strategy that would help them address customer needs and enhance business efficiency and effectiveness.

Increasing efficiency- Adopting effective organizational communication boosts the efficiency of employees. When organizational communication is effective, employees are informed about the organizational objectives, directives, policies, and strategic plans (Importance or role of business communication, n.d). As indicated above, good organizational communication improves employees' productivity and efficiency. Today, strategic management in communications is where businesses have to plan, monitor, analyze, and form the strategy necessary to improve their communication. When businesses improve their communication and use it to address their challenges, then the likelihood of increasing efficiency is high.

Decision-making- The management should realize that when communication is effective, making business decisions that would propel a business to success becomes possible. Today, the business environment has become more competitive, and wise decisions have to be made to progress. Therefore, modern technology should be adopted to enhance research, which would guide the decision-making process. 

Improving industrial relations- Today, for businesses to have a favorable business environment, they should embrace technologically-driven communication. Companies today share information speedily through effective communication. The management should know that when their frosty industrial relations business success becomes elusive.

Wireless Technology

There are various pros and cons of the 3G and 4G internet connectivity. Let's start with the 3G internet connectivity. This type of internet connectivity is mainly used in smartphones and laptops to speed the internet considered high. This connectivity is mainly applied and used in various multimedia applications. 3G was a powerful technical move from the 2G, which was considered slow and used only on voice applications. There are various advantages and disadvantages of this type of connectivity. Among the advantages include; high-speed internet access, smartphones can bear witness since the introduction of the 3G network things have gone fast. The multimedia applications to send and receive data via social media are faster than 2G networks (Sauter, 2013). Another advantage is that 3G offers a greater bandwidth which one can use the applications of the desktop. These are among many other advantages of 3G network connectivity. The disadvantages of this 3G connectivity are that it is costlier than 2G connectivity (Sauter, 2013).

There are various advantages and disadvantages of 4G network connectivity. Some of the advantages are; high-speed connectivity and increased bandwidth in comparison to the 3G connectivity. This is beneficial to smartphone users, especially during live streaming, faster downloading, and increased communication speed such as video chat. 4G is a more improved step from the 3G connectivity. Some of the disadvantages are costs, such that the amount of maintaining the connectivity is higher than 2G and 3G internet connectivity. Another disadvantage is that not all places have access to the 4G network. Hence a user would be a force to switch internet connectivity to have his or her internet services. Therefore, these two internet connectivity's are important to various users since they are used in smartphones and laptops. They offer various services, but 4G is more powerful.

An enterprise requires an internet connection to run some of its daily business activities (Etoh, 2016). Activities such as stock management, business advertisements, and many others. This enterprise can have various internet connectivity such as 3G, 4G, WWAN, and WiMAX to run its day-to-day activities. This internet connectivity will run the enterprise's services efficiently and at a faster rate. It is advisable to install the 4G connectivity because it will offer a faster means of internet services such as communication and many others. But I would suggest installing the 3G internet connectivity apart from 4G, WWAN, and WiMAX since, currently, 3G internet connectivity is found all over the country, and more so, it is less costly compared to the 4G network connectivity. Hence, it will improve the state of the business, and its stats will increase.

In our current world, technology has taken a step further. Various changes took place from the time people used to print textbooks to the invention of 4G connectivity. This is well observed for instance; a textbook is printed in State A. This state is miles away from State B, so the books need transport to their destination after printing. By doing this, the books' physical transportation brings in the services of more than one person and hiring of a means of transport. This vehicle also requires gas to move. When all factors are considered, there will be a large amount of money used. But due to the 4G network connectivity, after the books are ready, they are transferred from State A to State B via computers as the soft copy, and the 4G internet will help in the transfer (Nelson et al., 2016).

This method will be beneficial to users because it will save a lot of money. It is also secure since cases such as the loss of books would not be heard or even vehicles' accidents. Another benefit is that it will save time since 4G connectivity is faster than the books' physical transportation. Lastly, as the world is digital, it is better for the books in soft copy because six out of ten people have access to smartphones or laptops. (Nelson et al., 2016)

Today, people are shifting from the printing service as they are technologically sensitive. They are using soft copies instead of hard copies. Since we are in a world of evolution, we are evolving to the digital migration (Nelson et al., 2016).

Protocols which are associated with wireless communication are necessary for a communication company. This statement is true in a case where the protocols will control the activities of the organization and its users. Wireless application protocols are the rules and regulations which need to be followed to avoid various technical consequences. Some of their protocols are; remember to log out from accounts after using them; this will help increase the security of information inside the organization. Another example of a protocol is that when data has been transmitted from one computer to the other, it is encrypted to reach its particular destination without landing in the wrong hands.

Wireless services can be risky since that data can be lost by various means. For example, when there is an entry of a virus that can interfere and dele the organization's files and folders. Hence, it is advised to make sure high standard security in the organization's computer system to protect it from hackers (Nelson et al., 2016). Another case is sharing passwords that passwords may land on wrong hands; hence, an anonymous person gets or logged in to a private account and steals or even interfered with the original information (Nelson et al., 2016).

Social Media in the Office

Recently social media has become a normal occurrence, especially for employees. In most cases, the site is used extensively to play games, connect with workmates, family, and friends and get global access. According to Jin, Liu, and Austin (2014), the most visited networking sites include Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, and Twitter. These sites are the reason for the raging craze for employees nowadays. There are various negative impacts of social networking sites on employees and businesses at large. Employees waste a lot of time surfing on social media as they feel tempted to visit these sites to kill boredom. This will divert their attention from focusing on their roles and responsibilities and making wise time decisions.

Bullying is not a new phenomenon; however, it has changed over time. Just a generation ago, most people did not own computers, and the internet didn't exist. In the past, bullying was mostly done at schools and in the neighborhood. Today smartphones and computers are everywhere; this allows employees to get access to technology easily. The increased use of the internet has exposed many students in all locations to various forms of bullying through social media (Wang et al., 2014). Bullying through this platform can be done by posting abusive posts on the user's wall, using social media to stalk, posting negative comments on pictures that the user uploads, using embarrassing pictures and videos to make fun and ridicule the other user. In some cases, one can hack any account and frequently make nasty posts as though another wrote them (Utz and Krämer, 2015).

Most of these acts of social bullying are the same as what they would be in a real-life situation, and the impact of the problem is also the same. It's only that bullying in social media is in digital form. Alarmingly most of these students suffer cyberbullying in silence. They are always hesitant to share what they are going through because of fear lose their job position if they tell their superiors. It is, therefore, important for employees to understand how to handle such situations (Yang and Brown, 2013).

Workers that are fond of using social media have been found to lack motivation. They tend to get addicted to the virtual environment instead of getting practical knowledge or information from the real world. It is so annoying to realize how fixated employees are when it comes to having the internet. Research has proven that employees consider the internet one of the basic needs, just like water, food, air, and shelter. According to Tandoc, Ferrucci, and Duffy (2015), most workers consider updating their networking sites, watching videos, or watching their favorite TV programs and sports to be more important than listening to music and partying, or visiting friends. It is astonishing to realize how entertainment through social media can completely alter our lives so much that we become desensitized by flesh and blood and choose online contact instead. 

At times employees get tempted to work and visit social media at the same time. As stated earlier, social media robs of time that the employees could have used to work on their responsibilities. It usually makes it very hard to slot certain times for doing certain activities. In most cases, social networking sites make them forget the main purpose of using the internet. This eats up their productive time, and in most cases, employees do not deliver their work in the specified time frame. Social media influence most employees to carry forward assigned tasks of any kind. This will affect their entire productivity and accomplishment (Oh, Ozkaya and LaRose, 2014).

The goal of the Strategic Management Goal

As you have seen, my focus has been on communication. I have realized that most businesses have failed to make some tremendous progress in this 21st century due to the failure to embrace modern technology-driven communication. Thus, I want to be honest with you that we have to improve our business communication to gain business insight. Further, the customer of today offers their loyalty to businesses that use modern communication to reach them. Also, they need businesses that continuously communicate with them about their products or services.

Value of the Communication Goal

I briefly outlined the role communication plays in business, and therefore the value of my goal is to improve profitability, business performance, and relationship with stakeholders. In the past, businesses had not realized any importance of communication in business. But today, it is evident that for organizations to make a profit, they should have effective communication. Besides, it is evident that organizations today only succeed when they invest in communication. Business is all about how one convinces their customers and assures them that they are up to the task to meet their needs. If customers and other stakeholders see that the organization is constantly keeping them updated, they would feel that they are considered important. They would then reciprocate by patronizing the organization and support all its efforts to achieve success. Therefore, communication has a value that cannot be underestimated at all.

Pieces of Technology

Communication App- Organizations are today using their IT experts to develop applications that would enhance their communication. We are seeing that customers have adopted technology, and that is why most of them have Smartphones. We need to develop a communication application that would keep our organization in touch with us and updated on our products and services. 

Strengths and Weakness of the Communication App

First, the features of the application are simple. The customer would have to download it for free and install it on their phones. After installing, they need to sign up using their phone numbers and their preferred passwords. Those customers who sign in every day should be awarded discounts and offered some freebies quarterly. Simple language- The Communication App should only use simple language. The communication App will allow customers to see the company's products because the App would provide space for advertising.

However, the Communication App's weakness is that customers need to have data bundles to access the company's communication.

Cellular Phones

The organization should embrace the use of cellular phones to reach its customers. This being a bank, the company should use the contact numbers of employees to deliver messages (Linton, n.d.). Unfortunately, we have never thought that a simple text message can deliver our message to customers. As a company, we must communicate to customers regularly by simply sending the message to remind them about our customers' services and opportunities.

Strengths- most customers have phones, and any phone can receive information, regardless of its condition. Also, sending text messages is cheap.

Weaknesses- Sometimes, text messages cannot convince customers because some customers will see them as an inconvenience. Also, some customers are illiterate; hence they cannot read text messages.

Technology Support Systems

Control systems and real-time information technology systems enhance effectiveness and efficiency. Business operations have become effective and efficient through the adoption of control systems and real-time IT systems. Wal-Mart is the best example of an organization that has embraced real-time IT systems to succeed in its location strategy. The company uses the internet, which has enabled its online information systems to give real-time reports and monitor operations at its retail stores at different locations. The company needs to know what is happening at its stores, and with the use of real-time IT systems, it has become easy to receive reports which can be used to make decisions instantly.

Wal-Mart's SCM information systems are effective and efficient because they are designed to help the company minimize operating costs. The system operates in real-time, and when there is a need to move goods across the supply chain, the vendors and managers would quickly communicate. Finally, the merchandise is delivered to the respective stores. Through the use of this information system, Wal-Mart has fostered cooperation with its suppliers.

Wal-Mart has employed a control system through pricing. The company has been able to control the buying habit of consumers by offering discounts. With over 6,000 stores worldwide, Wal-Mart has ensured that its customers are offered discounts and low prices to increase their sales. All this has been achieved through the proper implementation of control systems.


In conclusion, these two technology pieces would keep businesses in touch with their customers all the time. Besides, the communication App should be developed cheaply, and customers can easily be reached over their phones. When these two pieces of technology are implemented, the business would have improved its business communication. Employees need to know the potential impacts that social media and harness it or use it positively. They should learn how to make productive use of social media. Ozkaya and LaRose (2014) purport that to have a perfect balance; one needs to practice self-discipline and proper scheduling. Employees need to make concrete decisions and alter their habits to reduce distractions from social media. Also, the introduction of the 4G internet connectivity has helped improve the lives of different people. Various towns are upgrading to the digital migration; therefore, soon and very soon, the analog services will not help, from hard copies to soft copy. Technology support systems help businesses achieve their goals by driving innovations that have improved information, productivity, quality, service delivery, customer care relations, and business activities management. Besides, IT has improved decision making, planning, marketing, management of resources and customers.


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