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Mobile marketing is the new form of marketing in which the products and the services are promoted through the medium of the mobile phone. In mobile marketing, the marketers reach out to their potential customers on their smartphones, iPhone and tablets or any other mobile device with the medium of emails, SMS, social media, and applications. 

Mobile marketing is making all the things available on mobile which we can access on computers and laptops. Now all the content is available on our mobile phone from reading an email and creating your own website everything is now possible and accessible on mobile phones.

The demand for mobile marketing has also increased due to the rapid increase in internet users and due to the increasing demand for smartphones. Around 80 percent of the internet users have smartphones and access to social media on daily basis.

Effective mobile marketing can be done by investing the time to create good content of social media and understanding the needs and the requirements of the potential customers or the target market who uses the smartphones and spend a lot of time in surfing and interacting on social media on daily basis.

Mobile marketing is used for making strategies of all the marketing channel connected to social media and email marketing and SMS marketing. Mobile marketing is a means with the help of which anyone can get famous and viral in these days as our youth spends a lot of time on these internet platforms such as social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bing, WhatsApp, YouTube, and snapchat.

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Mobile marketing gives access to the seller to know the location of the customer and other common details like mobile number, name and email address which helps the seller to provide the customized services to the consumer and to their target audience.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing

  1. Reaches a broader market – The reach of the mobile market is very broad as the consumers who use the mobile phones are spread all over the world and anyone can reach out easily with this type of marketing channel.
  2. Affordability – As the mobile phones and the tablets are more affordable if we compare it to the traditional computers and the laptops so the marketer has an opportunity to reach out to their target audience as per their own affordability and their own convenience.
  3. Easy to work- In mobile marketing the promotional work is very easily done and all the information remains in the hands of the supplier and the marketer which they can modify and alter s per their own requirements and is also easy roc carry out the marketing process in this mobile marketing channels all you need is to have a mobile phone and internet connection and you are ready to connect to a large number of audience of people to whom you can share your ideas, your beliefs and you can also provide information about your products and the services and also get their feedbacks and viewpoints easily.
  4. Huge viral potential – As we all know that nowadays mobile marketing is in trend and if anyone wants to promote his or her work he can easily provide all the details of information on their website or through emails or they can also post on social media platforms the things that they want to share and we know the power of social media and internet these days within fraction of second anyone can get viral or famous easily if the content that they provide or upload on social media is energetic and worth watching and as per the interest of the consumers and the general public who uses these platforms and internet services.
  5. Mobile payments – The recent invention or the advancement of technology in the field of mobile marketing is the mobile payment system which enables the customers and the consumers to pay through their mobile devices which have enabled them to make their transaction more transparent and reduce the need of current in physical form. This had also promoted the digitization of the payment system in many countries and helped them to make their country in terms of the transactions they make and reduce the burden of the banking system in many countries as it has reduced the black money and supply of fake currencies which is the only reason for the destruction of the economy and leads many criminal activities in a country.
  6. Blogging made easier- Now anyone can make their own blog as per the area of their interest even if they don’t have a laptop or computer. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter have made this job easier for all the people who have free time and want to influence the public with the art or with the ideas that they have. Nowadays, everyone who has any interest in sharing the information regarding any type of food or any place creates a blog in their name and start posting the information on that and these platforms not only provide them a large audience but also provide them a large fan base and target people to whom they can influence with their ideas and can share their viewpoints. This has also helped them to make their online businesses more profitable and helped them to generate more profits in their free time without any type of investment.
  7. Mass communication made easy- The platforms that can be reached by using a mobile phone helps the sellers or the companies to reach out to a large public and help in mass communication which if they try by advertising on television or on the radio will cost then in lakhs. This was not possible a decade back when mobile phones were not that much focused and when the use of the internet and related facilities were not in existence. So, it acts as an opportunity for the new emerging companies to communicate to a large number of audiences.

Disadvantages of mobile marketing are

  1. Platforms are too diverse – The mobile systems are not standardized as laptops and computers are. Mobile phones are available in different screens and sizes and the operating systems of the mobile phones are also diverse as per the company like Android and iOS etc.
  2. Privacy issues – The problem of privacy is always there when any medium of the marketing is used by the marketers and in the case of mobile marketing the seller should ask for the permission of the consumer before advertising their product through this channel as they may restrict the content they want to see online.