MN621 Advanced Network Design

Unit Code 	MN621 
Unit Title 	Advanced Network Design 
Assessment Type 	Assignment 1 T1 2020 Individual 
Assessment Title 	Network requirement analysis and plan 
Melbourne Institute of Technology

Assignment Description

Students are required to analyse the attached case study on “Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty with Great Wi-Fi for Luxury Hotel in Greece”, to complete the assignment. It is to note that this assignment consists of two parts a) Assignment 1a and b) Assignment 1b.

Assignment 1a

1. Project Scope and report requirements

The project scope and requirement should have a detail explanation of the planning and designing of (both wired and wreless) network. It is recommended that bullet points are included whenever necessary.

The following is the scope for Assignment 1a.

  • Include points that you have gathered from the case study on their existing network.
  • Discuss in a tabular form how the information obtained will be useful in designing the network.
  • Discuss the approach you will be taking (include bullet points whenever necessary) to redesign the network both with wired and wireless connectivity .

Assignment 1b

The following is the scope for Assignment 1b.

2. Response to assignment 1a

 It is mandatory that students should demonstrate how they have incorporated the feedback given in assignment 1a. You may use a tabular form whenever necessary.

3. Network design and justification

  • Draw a network design that you think will be useful in the future for the industry that you have visited. Network should include the following requirements as a minimum:

o 5 routers o 7 switches o 15 PCs o 4 VLANs.

  • Suitable IP addressing scheme in tabular form (assume as many hosts as necessary for each department).
  • Indicate where do you use static routing, dynamic routing protocols (name the protocols, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, etc.), Access Control List (ACL) as per the network preferences. Justify your choices.

4. Network configuration

Configure your network using Packet Tracer. Write a report on

  • Packet Tracer Network diagram- Copy diagram from your simulator
  • Switch configuration
  • Router configuration
  • Host configuration
  • Access point and server configuration guidelines.

5. Timeline and Budget estimation

This section should include the followings:

  • Hardware requirements with the specification with costs  Human resources and logistics
  • Tentative timeline specifications.

6. Demonstration

  • Individual demonstration of packet tracer in Week 7.
  • Mandatory to demonstrate work-in-progress demonstration in weeks 5 and 6.

Marking Criteria

The following tentative marking criteria will be followed for the assignment.


Section to be included in the report

Description of the section


= 20

Assignment 1a

Project Scope and


Briefly outline the report and discuss the following Assignment 1a requirements.

Attach an evidence of an industry visit in Appendix A.

Include points that you have gathered from an industry professional on their existing network.

Discuss in a tabular form how the information obtained will be useful in designing the network.

Discuss the approach you will be taking (include bullet points whenever necessay) to redesign the network.

Assignment 1b


Network design and justification

Well-designed network diagram.

Labelled with IP addresses.

A clear description of the approach taken for the design (may use bullet points for this).


Network topology diagram and implementation

Well-designed topology diagram with simulating software.

Network devices and appropriate command for the configuration should be detailed for implementation purposes.

It would be best to have

Comments for the commands used for configuration. For example, the following commands are for the dynamic routing protocol used for the configuration, the following commands for VLANs, creating trunk links, static routes, etc.

Connectivity testing ping snapshots.


Timeline and Budget estimation

Hardware requirements with the specification with costs

Name of the network device with manufacturer’s name, series, model and ports - Type of the cables - Name of the server, PC with specification such as operating system, RAM, hard disk, etc.

The cost specification of the hardware should be included.

Human resources cost need to be included on an hourly basis.

Timeline for the completion of the should be detailed.



Well comprehended summary.


Reference style

IEEE reference style.


Total Marks






Work progression


Work progression record and consultation will be on week 5 and 6 by the lab tutor. Allocated marks to be awarded accordingly.


Packet tracer demo

Demonstration of the network design in packet tracer on week 7.


Total Marks

Marking Rubrics

The details about the rubric are as follows:



80% and above

D 70 - 79%

CR 60 - 69%

P 50 - 59%



Project scope and



Concise and specific to the project

Topics relevant and soundly analysed

Generally relevant and analysed

Some relevance and

briefly presented

Not relevant to the assignment topic

Response to assignment 1a (10)

Clear and Concise

Mostly clear and concise

Mostly clear and mostly concise

Mostly clear but not concise

Not clear and not concise

Network topology diagram and implementatio n (10)

All elements are present and very well integrated

Components present with good cohesion

Components presented and mostly well integrated

Most components present and an average integration

Lacks components and not integrated well

Timeline and Budget estimation


Excellent description and

justification and well budgeted

Excellent description and

justification and but poorly budgeted


description and

justification and well budgeted


description and

justification but no well budgeted

Poor description and

justification poorly budgeted



Excellent comprehensio n and precise

Excellent comprehensio n and but fuzzy

Average comprehensio n and but clear

Average comprehensio n and but fuzzy

Not well


d and fuzzy

IEEE Reference style (2)

Clear styles with an excellent source of references

Clear referencing style

Generally good referencing style


clear referencing style

Lacks consistency with many errors

Demonstratio n (Work progression check (10) ) and (Packet tracer demo


Logic is clear and easy to follow with strong arguments

Consistent logic and convincing

Mostly consistent logic and convincing

Adequate cohesion and conviction

The argument is confused and disjointed

Case Assignment

TP-Link Improves Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty with Great Wi-Fi for Luxury Hotel in Greece


Name: Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa

Industry: Hospitality

Capacity: 56 Rooms

spectacular dining and an elegant bar in a unique seafront setting. Private pools and exclusive spa services complement the scenery to set guests' minds at ease. The hotel features a beautiful mixture of traditional Greek architecture and contemporary aesthetics.

Location: Grikos Bay, Patmos Island, Greece


Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa is a five-star luxury hotel situated just a few steps from the beach of Grikos Bay on Greece's Patmos Island. Patmos Aktis is a boutique hotel that offers lavish suites, exclusive spa services,


With its excellent service and facilities, Patmos Aktis is the perfect choice for a secluded vacation for couples and families, as well as a picturesque venue for occasions such as weddings and high-profile business events, the staff providing professional service for all. Wireless internet access is undoubtedly an expectation for most guests seeking to catch up on email, search for local attractions and use web-based voice and video chats to keep in touch with family and friends. Unfortunately, the previous network solution was outdated, with poor wireless coverage, frequent connectivity issues, weak security and lack of centralized management taking their toll. The inefficient and vulnerable network ultimately had a negative impact on guest satisfaction.

Patmos Aktis turned to TP-Link for a new solution that would resolve these issues and fulfill the following demands:

-Coverage for all 56 rooms and suites - no dead zones

-Reliable connectivity

-Sufficient capacity for providing enough bandwidth to all hotel guests

-Intuitive and efficient centralized management to easily control and monitor the entire network

-Customizable authentication

-Pleasant aesthetic design that would allow the access

points to blend effortlessly and naturally with the hotel’s interior décor


TP-Link provided a wireless network solution that met all of the demands that were outlined by Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa. The comprehensive solution was comprised of 43 EAP access points, including 23 EAP110s, 17 EAP120s and three EAP220s. TP-Link’s local partner Datalab, based in Kos Island, implemented the total project.

The solution provided:

  • Instant Installation

The easy-mount design allows the EAP to be easily and seamlessly affixed to any wall or ceiling surface, preventing disruptive installation and maintenance.

  • High Performance TP-Link Technologies Co., Ltd.

The integrated Qualcomm Atheros 560MHz chipset allows the EAPs to provide reliable wireless connections and expansive wireless coverage for guests and staff in every part of the hotel. High-quality hardware ensures a strong wireless signal both inside and outside of the rooms where it is deployed.

  • Easy Centralized Management

TP-Link’s free EAP Controller software makes management easy by providing the network administrator with centralized configuration options and real-time monitoring capabilities.

  • Guest Wi-Fi with Customized Authentication Page

With the powerful Guest Authentication functionality, Patmos Aktis was able to establish customized settings for the guest Wi-Fi network. They designed a unique authentication page and established a voucher system to limit the duration of use for each guest. The administrator also created a captive portal and implemented unique temporary accounts for guests that reflected the number of days they would be staying at the hotel.

  • Unobtrusive Aesthetics

With their unobtrusive ceiling lamp appearance, EAP devices were compatible with the hotel’s decorating style and were deployed without affecting its beautiful interior design.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

The TP-Link solution offered the best value and cost-to-benefit ratio compared to other brands.


Compared with the previous network solution, the TP-Link EAP Solution delivered dramatically enhanced wireless performance and provided guests with a

TP-Link Technologies Co., Ltd.

Building 24 (floors 1, 3, 4, 5) and 28 (floors 1-4)

strong, consistent Wi-Fi signal for the duration of their stay. Guests reported great satisfaction with the wireless experience.

“TP-Link has helped us provide an

outstanding customer experience with an affordable and easy-to-maintain system. The high-performance Wi-Fi provided the level of service that we need to keep our customers completely satisfied. I look forward to continued cooperation with TP-Link’s professional team on future projects.” – Nikolaos Pouliou, Owner of Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa