Milestone One: Introductions, Stakeholders, and Roles

Milestone One: Introductions, Stakeholders, and Roles

Southern New Hampshire University

Project Mgmt in Info Tech


Introduction to the Project

The purpose of the student degree progress project is to deliver a program that will enable students to track their academic progress. Through an online self-serve tool, students enrolled in online classes offered on the internet, or attending face-to-face classes offered on campus in Augusta, Maine, or satellite campuses in Ventura, California; Dayton, Ohio; and Hilo, Hawaii will be able to view completed classes including grades and credits earned, as well Assignments needed to complete their degree. The Project Description of the Student Degree Progress Project Charter dictates that the information contained in the student degree progress tool will be imported from a student information system derived from data input into the system either manually or automatically. Successful implementation of this project will allow students to view their progress toward the completion of their academic degree.

Key Stakeholders and Roles

A Project Sponsor and the assigned team are required in order to ensure that the project has met all stakeholder requirements including business intent, and schedule and budget goals. The Project Sponsor and assigned team members are as follows:

Jane Smith, Project Sponsor – Jane will identify and define the student degree progress project. In addition, she will carry out senior stakeholder management tasks and provide the necessary support to the project team. Jane will provide input on the formal budget and budget plan, as well as the go-live activities. She will be involved in the project from beginning to end and ensure its overall success.

John Doe, Project Manager – John will manage the project processes and apply tools and techniques to carry out the project activities. Using his industry knowledge and experience, John will guarantee that the stated project objectives are accomplished. This includes managing the constraints of the project deliverables. He will be responsible for the creation of project charter, development of the project management plan, defining the project scope, creation of the formal budget and budget plan, and completing the Gantt Chart reflecting the project schedules and milestones. John will ensure that the project is on time, stays within budget, and delivers high quality products and services for successful completion of the project.

Shila Cole, Systems Analyst –Shila’s duties will include, but will not be limited to, researching problems, planning solutions, recommending software and systems and coordinating developments to meet project objectives. Upon approval of the Project Plan, the system analysis stage will begin. Shila will examine the business problem that Regatta University intends to solve with the implementation of a student degree progress program. She will identify the specific system requirements and determine the deliverables. Shila will be responsible for the creation of technical specifications and developing, cost analysis, design considerations and implementation timelines.

Ana Fischer, Middleware Application Developer – Upon completion of the project scope and Gantt Chart, Ana will be responsible for analyzing, designing, planning, developing, documenting, deploying, testing, refining and transitioning the application into the production environment. In addition, she will provide consultation on the test plan for all system components and project reflections to ensure the successful implementation of the student degree progress program.

John Jones, Backend Systems Analyst – Upon completion of the project scope and Gantt Chart, John will create the architectural design for the back end of the application and develop the back-end code to process data that will be sent to the web application. In addition, he will test the scenarios defined in the test plan, perform integration testing and assist in transitioning the web application into production environment. John also will be involved in the risk management process throughout the project life cycle. John will evaluate potential risks to the stakeholders such as, financial, compliance, and safety risks and minimize their impacts.


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