Maternal Newborn VATI

Maternal Newborn VATI (x3)

A nurse is caring for a newborn with fetal alcohol syndrome. What clinical findings should the nurse anticipate?

**Jitteriness, increased reflex response, possible seizures, heart defects, irregular/disturbed

Sleep patterns, many facial anomalies including cleft lip or cleft palate, also thin upper lip could

Be evident, eyes having epicanal folds and possible strabismus, poor suck control, deafness

May also be present, as well as mental retardation.

A nurse is caring for the family of a newborn. What are some interventions the nurse can use to facilitate sibling acceptance of the newborn?

** I have personally seen this question about 4 times on different exams throughout ATI, and the answer has always been “provide a gift from the newborn to the sibling”. I remember specifically because I chose another option the first time I answered this question and got it wrong, and I read the rationale thinking it seemed silly for the answer to be “give a gift from the newborn to the older sibling”. Some other options are to let the sibling be the first to hold the newborn, or to suggest the parent not caring for the newborn at that time should spend extra time with the other child to make sure they don’t feel left out, depending on the age. **I got this question wrong on this assessment, so what am I missing here Dr G? Am I thinking of two different questions or something??

A nurse is caring for a client who has tested positive for Group B Streptococci. What medication should the nurse anticipate administering to this client?
Suggested Maternal Newborn Learning Activity:  TORCH Screen

**Penicillin (amoxicillin) should be given orally prior to the onset of labor and could be administered IV as well as labor begins if necessary.

A nurse is caring for a pregnant client prescribed iron supplements. What information should the nurse provide to this client regarding administration of the supplements?
Suggested Maternal Newborn Learning Activity:  Nutrition in Pregnancy

**The nurse should advise the mother to ensure she eats a diet with adequate fiber and plenty of fluids in order to avoid the severe constipation the iron supplements can cause.

Identify three (3) adverse effects of terbutaline that can be a complication to the laboring client.
Suggested Maternal Newborn Learning Activity: Uterine Stimulants

  1. Tachycardia
  2. ST wave changes
  3. Chest pain