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The aforesaid chapter provides the details of the role of the markets in the day to day buying and selling of the goods and services and what are the morals that have to be taken into consideration to while buying or selling any kind of goods or services. According to the said chapter a free market depends on two factors such as freedom and welfare. The chapter focuses mainly two factors which are as follows:

The voluntary exchanges of the goods and services in respect of their freedom and that the law must not interfere the in the aforesaid exchange procedure.

It says that there should be the utilitarian argument for markets.

However, apart from the aforesaid things, the chapter mainly focuses on the morality of people to carry out two different kinds of work such as fighting wars and bearing children. This chapter provides an idea about the rights and wrongs of the markets in such cases and concludes it through the leading cases of justice.


Role of Parents

The role of parents is so important while having a child. The individuals who work in army have a difficult life to live. They cannot spend much time with the family members and that’s why they are also unable to take care of their wife's during their pregnancy. At time of pregnancy it is important that parents should be with the child always. However, due to the busy schedule the concept of surrogacy has given rise. The concept of surrogacy is not a new thing in today's modern world. Many surrogate mothers are available in infertility center available across the globe.

Impact on Children

Till now the impact has not been considered as negative. It depends on the parents on how they behave with the child. The upbringing of the child plays a major role to make a person a better human beings. To be acceptable in society parents should know the better ways to teach their child to tackle any situation with great enthusiasm.

Acceptance in Society

Today, in the 21st century world people have accepted the concept of surrogacy and bearing child. This concept has given many parents who were suffering from the infertility issues a chance to become parents. Many top class celebrities across the globe has also followed the same route to become parents.


The concept is not a new one. One must act according to the needs and circumstances of the individual. By adoption of the same many people have found a reason to be happy and thankful to God.


This chapter gives a detail explanation of the human rights in a particular society we live in. It focuses on the fundamental rights of a person. It provides the details if all human beings are worthy of respect, love and care regardless of the fact that who they are and where they live. The chapter also explains about the role of the term happiness in any human beings life. It provides emphasis on the morality, freedom, motive, happiness etc. These are the factors which plays an important role for the mental and emotional soundness of an individual whether it may be a child, youth or old.


Role of the Family

Family is an important part in any individual's life. It plays a major role in the upbringing of a person. The happiness, morality and rights of a person are solely starts from the family. Thus, family teaches the individual about the morals and rights in the society and how to tackle any situation with great enthusiasm.\

Impact on Children

The children are most valuable gifts from God. They factor such as moral, happiness, love, care has to be provided to the child to make them a better, healthy and happy person. The parents and family members also responsible for the child's happiness. They should teach them good morals.

Role of the society

The society must not promote inequity among the people. It should promote common good of the society and make it a better place for the human beings living. It is the right of every human being to stay happy and lead a better life. It is considered as one of the fundamental rights of a human being. The society should act accordingly without violating the fundamental human rights of a person.


From the analysis and discussion, it can be concluded that the moral, happiness, motive to live etc, are the main elements of every human beings life to lead a healthy and sound life. The mental health is utmost necessary for every individual to lead their life happily. To lead a happy life the role of family, friends and society is crucial. It is the fundamental human right of every person to lead a happy, healthy and moral life. Morality, Freedom, Motive, Happiness etc. are the factors which plays an important role for the mental and emotional soundness of an individual whether it may be a child, youth or old.