Marketing Project Plan Sample Assignment

Individual Project Report: Marketing Project Plan

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is a critical element of any report as it may be the only section of your plan that a busy senior manager from your company may have time to read before you present it, in a work context.

The following points MUST be included in the Executive Summary:

Summary of entire plan including:

  • Project scope and purpose
  • Project deliverables

The Executive Summary should be one page length maximum.

This project aims to develop a campaign for the introduction of a new clothing line, a little more economical and the fast production in order to capture a market that is being absorbed by competitors such as H & M and FOR EVER NEW.

The idea is that in the same store this target the people who are in the university and colleges can get involved with the brand and feel that they are accessing clothes with design and quality at an affordable price.

The competitors mentioned above have weaknesses such as quality in the case of h & m. It must be borne in mind that Zara's production capacity can create this type of line. Zara currently has an economical line but is not a fashion, it is plain clothes and it is sold in packs of 2 or 3, they are strips to use underneath the clothes or simply flat coloured t-shirts, for this reason we consider that It is a good market to capture.

the most important point is to make the promotion of this new line and not to mix with the image that Zara has with its current target.

As the target has been identified, it is thought that the marketing integration campaign is through social networks using a juvenile emphasis. In this way we will see that the approach to the target will be more effective and that the correct message will be communicated by the correct means.


This section should provide company background and current vision and mission statements. Check with other stakeholders if the vision and mission statements are still current and supported. Gain support from stakeholders to make refinements on vision and mission statements, if necessary, and create organisational values statement.

The arrival of the Zara brand in 2011, I believe in Australia a new market and closed all the borders that limited the international brands according to the market and its price and I finish with the expectations of being able to obtain fashionable clothes with good quality.

Much has been said of the production process and its sustainability but an important and successful point is that this brand has imposed its own production means in various areas and has been successful.

Within its vision Zara establishes to produce things that the people want, and this is the key of the joint success to have changed the fashion process that only produced 4 collections per year.

Within its process of immersion in a new country or creation of a new store there is a market research and location that has taken a long time.The site that Zara chooses for the opening of a new store is because its success is guaranteed, in addition to the personalization that Zara adapts for this new place in terms of what customers use in that area and that they want them to obtain


To remain a leader in the textile sector, anticipate fashion and create new designs through a vertical integration strategy. As well as offering products at affordable price with quality.


Be a leading company in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of clothing that can reach any area where there is a niche of customers, so they can obtain different designs and fashions.


  • Results orientation: We are oriented to achieve results in an efficient way, anticipating situations and responding to change proactively.
  • Implication: We are constant with our project, we are curious and explore new paths. We make consensual decisions and learn from our mistakes.
  • Overcoming: We constantly question what we do and we seek to apply creative ideas that allow us to innovate in an agile and practical way.
  • Honesty: We work with respect, transparency and humility to build trust with whom we relate.
  • Teamwork: We collaborate to achieve common objectives, sharing information, knowledge and experiences. We listen and bring different points of view to improve.

The current vision, mission and corporate values lead the company to move towards its objectives, and we consider these to be according to the company and are current.




Project Purpose

This project has as purpose to realize a campaign of integration of communications for a new line in ZARA. This new line aims to capture the young public between 15 and 25 years, college or university students, who seek to be fashionable at more affordable prices.

In the case study of ZARA, although we know that for the quality of their garments and their level they are more than affordable, they are not at the level of the target sought and this makes competitors like FOR EVER NEW or H&M take the lead by taking this target.

We believe that ZARA can turn this weakness into strength. And capture through social networks being thats means of the new era to spread the good news.

Project Scope

Clearly define the logical boundaries of the project. Note with clarity what is and is not covered by this project.


What the project covers is the means of dissemination of the new clothing line in Zara, for the public required by the required medium. This includes the types of communications, the promotion and the image that is given to the new line. through social networks and their identification in the stores.

Out of Scope:

This project does not cover, the financial part, production and design (in the design we can include market research and mini collections that will be produced).


Stakeholder Analysis

Identify at least 3 groups or individuals who may participate in the project. List the major project roles and responsibilities of the actual people involved.

Stakeholder 1: Director Manager

Roles and Responsibilities:

This roll is a supervisory position about of the tasks delegates to the Copywriter and Graphic designer to fulfil the campaign. following the parameters and alignment that the ZARA brand has and mixing them with the target it is focusing on.This person will be in charge of guiding the project and complying with the stipulated calendar

Stakeholder 2: Copywriter

Roles and Responsibilities:

This role in the initial part will be responsible for the market research in Australia for our target not in question of design of the clothes this bandage from Spain, will be responsible for identifying the new phrases used by this type of target, of which are the colours With those who feel more identified, the type of advertising among the best brands that reach more approach and interaction and discover how the campaign can be more differentiating to others.

In order to transfer it to the communication bell and interpret it in the graphic part correctly.

This person can be the marketing assistant who has delegated this function within the project

Stakeholder 3: Graphic Designer

Roles and Responsibilities:

This important role will help us to create how we want to be perceived by our market, the idea is to create content along with the copywriter creating social media, through viral messages that are shared and have return of this campaign.

This means of transmission must be connected in the message but must be adapted to the medium to create interaction, that is, this person must have a standard and adapt it to each medium.


Project Parameters

Identity and explain at least 3 deliverables of this project. What marketing communication tools are you proposing?

The method we chose is through, internet platforms such as social media and this we can also integrate with direct marketing according to our target with this we can make an interesting expectation bell and word mouthon fashion environment and get to the point where they go to the store and check the realization of the new line, you have the idea for the launch to make a discount voucher.

The selection of this communication tool is made because it is intended to continue with the regulations that the company has, and it is not to invest in big marketing campaigns to continue investing in its logistics and distribution, and this is a tool that although it is not free is a tool of rapid diffusion and the current one for the market.


Resources Needed

Explain at least 3 resources needed in completing the marketing project.

MANPOWER: make sure you have qualified personnel for the campaign and establish if the company is prepared for this new line (production, design and finance). Because the other processes are key to the correct delivery of the promise to the customer of products with design and at affordable prices.

The three people in charge of the project must be experienced in the Australian market and in turn have very defined fashion concepts.

MONEY: The integrated marketing communication project is presented, achieving the approval of this campaign of new line realese because this campaign also supports one of the strategies that ZARA has for 2020 and is to be up to date on communication platforms such as internet and networks social networks, even with the development of its website. However, the money is not unlimited, the schedule and means must be established well and remained in the budget.

MATERIALS AND MACHINE: With respect to materials and machines these is something that is already covered, we are sure that Zara and according to its model have the ability to supply this new line.

METHODS:The method to make this project a success is to follow the guidelines of the following work schedule and adapt to this time of and be careful with the budget. This will be achieved with a good performance of the Director Manager doing a good task of direction, evaluation and control of each activity that is carried out until the end of the project.


Project Parameters and Project Management Tools

  • Complete the Gantt Chart by following the requirements below.
  • Marketing manager has allocated $200,000 budget for this marketing project for the next 12 months.(2 marks)
  • Consult team members and list different marketing communications activities that you are proposing in the first column. Use at least 3 marketing activities.
  • Below the marketing communications activity, identify who is providing the services whether it is in house or outsourced. Provide a brief description of the company if the activity is outsourced. (3 marks)
  • Use the Gantt Chart to illustrate which months you are using the activities. Block the period that you are using for this activity and type the costs of these marketing activities in the respective blocks. See example below. (3 marks)
  • Have the project budget approved by the Marketing Manager.

Marketing Communications Activities














In thousands


Outsourced: Crucial Paradigm,Inc Australian digital agencies offering web hosting.



Social Media:




Social Media:




Outdoor advertising:


Outsourced: Billboards Australia,Inc Outdoor advertising agencies offering billboards. Transit Advertising.



Transit advertising:

Trail advertising

Outsourced: Billboards Australia,Inc outdoor advertising agencies offering billboards, Transit advertising





Proposed Project Budget Approved by:

Marketing Manager


Project Deliverables

You are expected to take action to ensure project team members are clear about their responsibilities and project requirements. Attach evidence of project deliverables (marketing activities).

Transit Campaign

Marketing Project Plan img1

Billboard Campaign

Marketing Project Plan img2

Facebook Campaign

Marketing Project Plan img3

Instagram Campaign

Marketing Project Plan img4

Website campaign

Marketing Project Plan img5 Marketing Project Plan img6 Marketing Project Plan img7


Risk Management

Undertake risk management as required to ensure project outcomes are met. List at least 3 risks of the project and discuss your contingency plans.

Billboard advertising  Risk :

The banner could easily be damage From a various things for example Risk from vandalism, risk due bad weather condition. so our plan to tackle from something we do not to happen is we are going to send some people to take a look at our banner every 1 week to make sure that our banner is safe and not been damage.

Social media advertising risk :

On social media campaign there will be people to ask about our product, we fear that we could not be handled it so our plan is we hire a few people to become the admin of our social media to make a feedback to our customer and to make our campaign always fresh on social media

Transit advertising risk :

Geographic selective is the most important in transit advertising, we do not want that our campaign being brought in not a very popular are. we want our campaign to be brought in a popular are like the city. so our plan is we are going to make sure that the trail  that have our campaign is will be going in such like a popular are.

Appendix 1

Instruction: Fill this form if there are changes to be made in the marketing project.

Variance Form: N/A

Issued By:

Requested By:

Change Request No:


Item of Scope Affected

N/A        there are no changes

Nature of Change Requested

N/A        there are no changes

Reason for Change

N/A        There are no changes

Impact on Resources

N/A        there are no changes

Impact on Budget

N/A        there are no changes

Impact on Schedule

N/A         there are no changes

Change Authorised:  Yes/No

Adjusted Project Completion Date: N/A

Adjusted Final Budget: N/A

(5 marks)

Appendix 2

Instruction: Complete the project team transition form to ensure the transition of staff involved in project to new roles or reassignment to previous roles. Use at least 3 team members.

Project Team Transition Form

Team Member

Current Project

Current Role

Next Project

Next Role

Director Manager

Divulgation of the new clothing line in Zara

Marketing Manager

New release for the spring season

Director Manager


Divulgation of the new clothing line in Zara

Assistant Manager

New release for the spring season


Graphic Designer

Divulgation of the new clothing line in Zara


New release for the spring season

Graphic Designer

(5 marks)

Appendix 3

Instruction: Complete the project documentation and obtain necessary sign-offs for concluding project

Project Sign-off Sheet

Project Name:


Project Goal/objectives:

The objective is spreadthe good news of the new clothing line in Zara, for the public required by the required medium. This includes the types of communications, the promotion and the image that is given to the new line.

Project Deliverables:

The project being deliver by Outdoor advertising campaign . social media advertising campaign , website advertising campaign

By signing this document, we acknowledge that we have delivered all the stated deliverables at the agreed to quality levels.

By signing this document, I acknowledge that I have received all the stated deliverables at the agreed to quality levels.

Marketing Project Group Members:

Marketing Manager:

(5 marks)

Appendix 4

Instruction: Involve team members in the project review. Review at least three project outcomes and processes against the project scope and plan. Document the lessons learned from the project and report within the organisation. For each marketing project milestone or phase, identify what worked, what didn’t work and ways to improve the process next time.

Project Review Form


What Worked

What Didn’t Work

Ways to Improve

(5 marks)