Market Surveillance

Market Surveillance includes all the activities that acquisition personnel perform continuously to keep themselves abreast of technology and product developments in their areas of expertise. True or False

_______________ is the Systems Engineering application of logistics. Supportability Analysis

System level _________ requirements are designed in via their respective analysis, modeling, allocation, and prediction processes.

Reliability and maintainability

Maintenance Planning is the process conducted to translate the maintenance approach stated in the system operational requirement into maintenance task requirements that ensure the ongoing availability of the system. True or False

LORA increases equipment Quantity, equipment Availability, or program Capability. True or False

The ________ is the analytical basis of the JCIDS process. It identifies capability needs and gaps and recommends non-material or material approaches to address the gaps.

Capabilities-Based Assessment (CBA)

The test and evaluation (T&E) strategy should be consistent with and complementary tp the _________ and acquisition strategy.

Capability Development Document

Market investigation is a phase of market research conducted in response to a specific need or need for services. True or False

Maintainability prediction is a useful tool for determining how and where a system will fail. True or False

The implementation of the Weapon System Acquisition Reform Act 2009 directs that ______________ before MS B is now a statutory requirement for Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs).

Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

What are the two types of market research?

Tactical Market Research

Strategic Market Research

RCM can be applied at any stage of a system’s lifecycle and when applied correctly leads to a system’s safe and cost-effective operation. True or false

The _____________ is the evaluation of the Performance, operational effectiveness, operational suitability and estimated costs of alternative systems being considered to meet a mission capability.

Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)

A _______ identifies detailed logistics and support resource requirements to sustain system readiness.

Business case analysis

As a life cycle logistician, the GEIA-HB-007 Logistics Product Data Handbook provides you with a tool that will help you _____________.

iAll answers are correct

Which of the following statements describe the Life cycle Logistician’s involvement in Supportability Analysis?

The LCL will participate in all phases of Supportability Analysis

The goal of CBM+ is to ____________.

Perform maintenance only when there is evidence of need

Re-use of data is which benefit of $1000D?

Authoring Benefits

For life cycle logisticians, reliability allocation values help determine _________.

All answers are correct

FMECA provides valuable information for ________.

All answers are correct

Diagnosis tends to be deterministic (sense, report and monitor historical events), prognosis is always probabilistic (use sensed events to predict future events. True or False

The ____________ is a measure of the probability that the system will perform without failure over a specified interval.

Material Reliability

As the Logistics Product Data are generated and collected, the data element attributes are structured to very specific format and content requirements. True or False

When the probability of an unsafe failure mode at the system level exceeds specification tolerances, the Fault Tree is used to identify the critical paths which contribute most significantly to the problem. True or False

The focus of ____________ is translating customer needs into performance parameter objectives and thresholds, affordability constraints, schedule constraints, and technical constraints.

User Needs

The maintenance Plan reflects the composite results of all the activities related to _________________.

Each of the integrated product support (IPS) elements

Which Acquisition phase reduces technology risk, determines and matures appropriate set of technologies to be integrated into a full system, and demonstrates critical technology elements on prototypes?

Engineering & Manufacturing Development