Leading Organizational Change Sample Assignment


Organizational change is when an organization is going through a transformation. Organizational change occurs when an organization’s strategy or other major sections of it need to be changed. These changes in an organization are aligned to the organization’s mission and vision as well as organizational goals. For leaders to successfully manage the organizational change, they must implement a strategy that will align the change. The following paper discusses organizational change of Google, Inc. and the action plan for this change. It also discusses steps that the writer would take in organizational change and prioritize the order in which those steps will be taken.

Organizational Change at Google

Google has become one of the largest corporations in the world. When people asked what they use to search online, the majority will give Google as an answer. This is the well established reputation of this organization. However, it is not easy to achieve this status as well as to keep such reputation in the market. The organizational culture of Google has a strong impact on its well established reputation. This culture emerges from the organization’s nature and content (Noviantoro, 2014).

However, before becoming one of the largest corporation, Google faced some growth consequences. In its early life, Google had no business model to talk about. It was once extremely unprofitable organization which was going left and right to find its stable revenue source (Walley, 2010). Other than making marginal profits by selling search appliances to businesses and its own search technology to other search engines, Google was changing its Assignment slowly and steadily. Google needed a strong organizational change or a strategy which can help the organization to bring revenue on the table. In 2003, Google launched its AdWords program and this was the program that allowed businesses to advertise to people who search for their needs on Google.com (Walley, 2010). In no time, the organization took the leap from popular search tool to advertising giant. Google was not just a search tool any more, but it helped business organizations to spread their business by showing their advertisement on their website. In 2008, Google reported its biggest revenue of $21billion in advertising-driven revenue alone. After this, Google’s share sky rocketed and company started to attract more investors’ and shareholders’ attention.

Individual Actions for Organizational Change

It is known that the Successful organizational change is only possible when individuals are successful at change. As a part of the organizational change, an individual should seek more information to understand about what will be going on in the organizational change. Another key point is the effective communication plan. Effective communication is the key to a successful organizational change. It allows to share vital information about the change to the peers to facilitate them in understanding of why change is needed. Giving feedback is also a part of an effective communication. Timely feedback on performance will motivate peers to do their best and will make them feel important part of the change process.

An individual should also get involved in discussing organization’s visions and how the new change will be aligned with that vision so that the newly hire employees get the ideas of how that change will look like and what is that for. This step will avoid any resistance those employees may have and will make the change process as easy as possible. This individual should also facilitate and support the change so it can work and be successful. When talking about facilitating and support, it means giving additional training to improve the skills of the peer employees, proving them with support, and listening their concerns to help address them. An individual’s action should also include negotiating and making agreements to facilitate the change. This include giving them flexible hours and any accommodations they need. This will make them feel valued and important. Another action would be to follow through. This is an important step. A lot of time, people start the change process, begin to implement it, and then lose control as other tasks take priority (Nash, 2014). If this happens a lot, people stop taking their time and be part of the change because they feel that they are wasting their time and effort.

Leadership Actions for Organizational Change

As Google was going through an organizational change to change its strategy to improve revenue, it was important that the leaders or the management come up with an action plan to make the process go smooth and avoid any resistance.

Leadership plan

In many organizations, changes are done with the help of leaderships and management process. This process is their action plans which they take to successfully complete and implement the organizational change.

Clearly define the change and align it to business goals. This is the first step in the plan. Effective leaders should clearly define the organizational change and align it to the business goals. This will ensure that the change will carry the business in the desired direction in all aspects of the business: strategically, financially, and ethically (Courtney, 2016). Employees working on the change will have better understanding of what they will be doing.

Communicate and put together a change team. Leaders should communicate the process of the change on a regular basis and give them feedback on the process. This will make the team feel valued and important part of the change. When creating the change team, leaders should choose the best employees who will help the change program and ensure its success and should include a different people from across the organization (Nash, 2014).

Training process. Leaders should provide extra training or development opportunities that is needed to make the change process smooth and easy. Training is required when people are being moved around in different departments and new responsibilities are given. They should be working with managers and supervisors in identifying employees who are having hard time and required more training to develop their skills which are required in the change process.


There are many reasons why organizations go through the change and it is an important process. it must be systematically implemented for it be successful. Factors such as global competition, acquisition, mergers, and technologies cause the organizations to change the way they operate their business. Google in this case, had hard times getting revenue and it needed to change its process and strategy to implement a new organizational change in which they started advertising business organizations to boost their revenue.


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