Laureate Professional Assessment Sample Assignment

Laureate Professional Assessment

The laureate professional assessment (LPA) lays its basis on skills used in people’s workplace. Such skills depict a framework based on competency. The skills help the students to know the areas they are secure in and those that they are weak in throughout their development in their professional skills. There exists the usage of data in these laureate institutions in a bid to improve the curricula. Moreover, the program enables the student to take part in the learning process, and it aids in the development of their skills critically. The program has succeeded due to various factors. Firstly, there is the inclusion of laureate competency frameworks divided into frameworks by employers, faculty, alumni and the students. Secondly, the tool was made in a way that it assesses different people and it respects their cultures. The framework was also designed such that it aids in the development of the collaboration between the members of the school who are from all lifestyles. The tool also helps the students to access their study programs efficiently and to carry out research easily. The device also aids the student to develop their talents.

A personal assessment was carried out, and I agree with the results that were found. The findings state that I can quickly adapt to a new environment despite the fact that the people in it are different. The assessment also showed that my communication skills were perfect and I could interact with different people with different cultural beliefs. In addition to that, the evaluation showed that I cooperated with other people when it came to teamwork and I had good leadership qualities. I could work in unity with my team members, and the project would be a success since I was an active member in carrying out the team’s activities. The leadership qualities were viewed after the professor gave me the role of being a group discussion leader. I was patient, and I gave my team members a chance to air their views concerning how the activities of the group were carried out. Through the self-assessment test, it was clear that I could use the knowledge I had to practice what I had in mind.

From the results of the assessment, there are various lessons I have learned about myself. The first one is that I am patient. When I was the leader of the discussion group in class, I exercised this skill. In a group, there are all types of people: those who are interested and the disinterested. I put up with the behaviors of those who were not involved in the group’s activities. At no point did I lose it and began yelling at my team members. Additionally, I learned that I am social. During teamwork, I worked together with my members in unity, and I got along with people in my team. At no time did I fight with any of my team members due to an argument. The assessment also made me learn that I can be innovative. If I could use the knowledge I had acquired and put it into practice, I would come up with new ways of doing things. The assessment also made me learn that I can give a public speech without fear that I may not be fluent and my grammar may be weak. The evaluation stated that I had excellent communication skills that included fluency in the language. If I had an opportunity to give a speech to the public, my communication skills would not be a problem to me since they are perfect.

There are ways that I would use the insight from the assessment to improve my professional practice. Despite my self-assessment showing many positive factors, there was a bit of negativity in it. I would make myself a better professional by making sure that I know and understand other people’s culture. People are different, they come from different backgrounds, and they have different beliefs. The knowledge of what other people believe in aids in decision-making. A person may make decisions or give ideas that are to be implemented in his profession, and these ideas may be contrary to what one person believes in. When one is a professional, the decisions he makes must favor all people who are involved, and they should not be contrary to what other people believe. I would also make sure that I create a good rapport with my team members. The excellent rapport creates a good working environment for the workmates, and this unites them in making their work a success.