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Language is a method that includes the growth, procurement, maintenance and management of complex operations of speech and writing (communication). It is especially the human sense to do so; a language is any particular model of this kind of system. Languages have a direct effect on readers too. The way of the writing in the text, its opening and endings, influences every reader. This particular influence is made by language features. For example, the speech delivered would become very influential for the listeners because of the language features used while writing it.


“We are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream “

The rhetorical speech of Martin Luther was written in this particular way so that the audience can be appealed at a high quantity to end racism in America and make everyone believe that they must have equal rights. Now the strong message of equality was combined with strong language features like -

Similes are used in King’s words - “until justice rolls down like water “; “righteousness like a mighty stream “.

This simile was used so that the reader can realise the importance of equal rights and justice gaining which can be only done by forcing oneself without any stops. (Rushing water).


Writers across the world many types of language features to emphasize their meaning and make it reach the world correctly. Some types of language features can be as follows -

  1. The application of adjectives and adverbs to form imagery.
  2. The application of emotive language to deliver the reader to explore a certain feeling in a way (e.g. angry or afraid).
  3. The application of figurative language where words and phrases are applied in a way that is distinct from the required or every day or common usages such as personification, metaphor or simile.
  4. The selection of the tense of the writing (present, past and future).
  5. Narrator's own point of view the writing is employed with using a personal voice in the 1st person using ‘I’, in the 2nd person using ‘you’ or in the 3rd person using ‘he or she or they’.
  6. The practice of rhetorical interrogations that are created to provoke thought rather than require an answer.
  7. The custom and formality of the opinion of the writer (formal, informal, colloquial) – is inspired by the volume of nominalisation and the sophistication of the language.
  8. The application of humour.
  9. The usage of symbolism when an image represents something else, such as a dark shadow which could symbolise danger.
  10. Employment of idioms - an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of the individual words such as ‘I am over the moon’ or ‘on thin ice’.
  11. The impact of various types of sentences (e.g. short sentences might add to drama and tension).
  12. The application of naming words which can be concrete (table, car, etc.) abstract (feelings, pride, etc. ), proper ( naming people, places, days, months, etc. )
  13. Application of words which describe verbs - Adverbs (quickly, patiently)


Other than these language features there can be also literary features in the language which can be found in use. These are -

  • The practice of irony - saying one thing but meaning another.
  • Application of similie when a comparison is done using words “like “or “as “to create a vivid image of the writing. Example - As sweet as sugar, As white as a swan, etc
  • The use of metaphor in which a comparison is made without using “like “or “as” Example - Sea of love and drowning in anxiety.
  • Personification is employed when a non -human object like any animal, ting or anything which is not human associated with human qualities. Example- The stream was crying all day.
  • Pathetic fallacy is used for the weather to reflect the mood of the character or scene. This also is called cosmic interference. Example - “The rain kept pouring her body as her tears on her cheeks “
  • The use of Onomatopoeia to apply the sound of words in order to express their meaning, sensory imagery. Example - Crunch, Pop, Screech, etc.
  • Alliteration is employed in sentences by repeating the same sounds at the beginning of words. Example - Renew, Recycle, Reuse.
  • Assonance is employed by the writer by repeating sounds of vowels in a series of words. Example - Harsh bark, Moonlit pool, etc
  • The rue of three repetitions in a group is used by the writer to strengthen the idea of argument or suggestion. For example - Freedom, Equality and Justice.
  • The connotation is also used by working on the applied meaning in the text rather than the literal meaning. example - Using pink instead of a colour to tell about feminity or girls or love.
  • The use of Hyperbole is done to over the top exaggeration for their effect. For example - I have ten tonnes of work to complete.


Using language features in assignments, essays, dissertations, thesis, speech, etc. can be really difficult. But the more language features are used the more effective and interesting the text looks. Such kind of texts has the quality to gain extra marks in colleges and universities. Although they become hard to employ in the text because firstly people don’t really understand the meaning of the terms that are used. Well, yes, every writer has his own Standard of using language features and it really depends on the person how he wants to use, but in order to explain the content briefly in details, language features are necessary to use.

English is an evolving language. It has many things involved in it. Simple ideas with a set of emotions are too primary level now. Language features are not a thing limited to just authors or professionals. These are expected by the university students in their work too.


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