Lab Report: 9.2.4 Configure VoIP 2

  • Disconnect the AC adapter from the IP phone in the Lobby and place it on the shelf
  • Disconnect the AC adapter from the IP phone in the Executive Office and place it on the shelf
  • Add an IP phone to the Support Office
  • Confirm the Support workstation is connected to the Internet


To complete this lab:

In both the Lobby and Executive Office:

  • Disconnect the AC/DC adapter from the IP Phone and the wall.
  • Place the AC/DC Adapter on the Shelf.

In the Support Office:

  • Place the IP Phone in the Workspace.
  • Connect the IP Phone to the wall outlet using the existing Ethernet cable.
  • Connect the workstation to the IP Phone.

To disconnect the AC/DC Adapters, complete the following step

  1. Switch to the back view of the phone.
  2. Drag the DC plug from the phone to the Shelf.
  3. Drag the AC plug from the wall outlet to the Shelf.
  4. Switch to the front view of the phone and confirm it still has power.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 as necessary.

To connect the IP Phone in the Support Office, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Support Office.
  2. On the Shelf, expand the Phones category.
  3. Drag the IP Phone to the Workspace.
  4. Switch to the back view of the phone.
  5. Switch to the back of the workstation.
  6. Drag the Ethernet cable from the workstation to the LAN port on the IP Phone.
  7. On the Shelf, expand the Cables category.
  8. Drag the Ethernet cable to the PC port on the phone.
  9. In the Selected Component pane, drag the Unconnected connector to the NIC on the workstation.
  10. Click the Windows logo on the workstation's monitor.
  11. In the notification area, click the network icon > Open Network and Sharing Center.
  12. Confirm the workstation has an Internet connection.
  13. Click Done.
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