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Features of Ksh programming language:

  • It supports Job control, command aliasing and command history designed.
  • An interactive shell is designed by three WYSIWYG-style line editing modes.
  • Associative arrays are available in ksh93 version of Korn Shell.
  • Dynamic extensibility of built-in commands (as of ksh93).

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ksh Assignment Help

Korn shell (ksh) Program

korn shell programming
{`$ cat func5.ksh
  f ( ) # two parameter function
  typeset x # declare local variable
  echo local x=$x
  return $x
  # main
  echo global x=$x
  f 3 4 # call function
  result=$? #save exit code
  echo return value from function was $result
  echo globl x=$x
  global x=1
  local x=12
  return value from function was 12
  global x=1