Java Assignment Question


This is a group assignment. You can have 3 - 4 students in a group. All members of a group should be from the same tutorial session. Please Submit Your Assignmentwork in hardcopy and softcopy (CD). one of the group member must be assigned as a leader to manage the work and evaluate each member.

  • For this assignment you must use Java or VB only, NO HTML or PHP is allowed
  • For this assignment YOU MUST HAVE A GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE GUI and easy to use. 
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Implement ONE application with two modules (Parts)

Part 1

Program that can convert NFA into RG and can check whether any given string is accepted by the NFA.

NOTE: NFAs can be entered in form of graphics (preferable), transition table.

Example1 : by transition table

java assignment question 1 img2

Example2 : NFA in form of graphics (preferable),

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Part 2

Write a program that can do the following:

Phase 1) converts context-free grammar into Chomsky normal form (CNF).

  1. Input: Context-free grammar,
  2. Output: Grammar in Chomsky normal form (CNF) (show the steps)

Phase 2) generates the CYK based on  the CNF grammar that was produced in Phase (1)

  1. Input:  String to be parsed
  2. Output: The program should show the following output
    1. Display of the CYK chart (Table)
    2. A statement to inform user whether the string can/cannot be generated by the grammar

Final App must look like the example below : ONE application with home screen and other modules (Parts) . pop-ups screens and messages are not allowed

java assignment question 1 img4

Documents must include:

  1. Cover page
  2. Members and their participation percentages
  3. Introduction
  4. Design Flowcharts , DFA, NFA
  5. 4 screenshots
  6. Manual with examples
  7. Important codes