Java Assignment Developing the system for Anas restaurant


This report is all about developing the system for Ana's restaurant. This report will consider the design diagram such as a class diagram, use-case diagram, and sequence diagram. These all diagrams are creating on the software called “Enterprise architect”. In the last section, the self-reflection will be discussed.

Class diagram:

Java Assignment Class diagram

Figure 1: Class diagram

Explanation: the class diagram represents the classes which are implemented into the code for developing the system.

Sequence diagram:

Java Assignment Sequence diagram

Figure 2: Sequence diagram

Explanation: The above diagram shows the sequence which will be carried in the system. In the diagram, three actors are involved. These actors are Ana, System, and Customer.

Use-case diagram:

Java Assignment Use-case diagram

Figure 3: Use-case diagram

Explanation: The above diagram is a use-case diagram. The use-case diagram shows what type of use case is carried by any particular actor.


In this section, we do self-reflection which means what I learned during this assignment. We develop a system using Java language. The JAVA language is a pure object-oriented programming language which means it provides security. This is the reason that I choose java language to develop a system for Ana’s restaurant. In this assignment, we learned more about java programming language's features such as interface and polymorphism. Apart from this, our coding part becomes stronger after developing this system. Before starting the assignment, my coding part is weak but now I am enough confident to develop a system like this, and I learned more about the java syntax. As well as I learned about the enterprise architect software and how it operates. With the use of this software, I create many designing diagrams for this system. These diagrams such as a Class diagram, use-case diagram, and sequence diagram. We develop the code on the text editor name called Notepad++. This text editor provides the suggestion for the java syntax. This editor is far better than any other text editor that’s why I choose this editor. The system which is developed is run on the console and it can be called a console application.


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