ITM301 Discussion 3


Discussion 3

“Apps” has become the latest buzzword. It used to refer to application software that ran on a computer. Now the name has been shortened and refers to small pieces of code that can add functionality to a mobile device—often a smartphone.

  • Visit an Internet apps website such as Playstore. Identify three types of app systems and their value for the individual.
  • Compare your discussion to what other students posted. What new apps have you learned about in this discussion?

The Apple App store consists of three categories, Today, Games and Apps of the day. The Today tab is updated daily. This Tab keeps you informed and provides useful tips and tricks. The games tab offers a variety of games, which means no matter what your interest are, you will find a game that is just right for you. Last but not least, the apps tab. This tab provides recommendations and have app for anything you may want to do. Not all of the apps are free, so they do require that you connect a credit or debit card on file. Also, you are able make in-app purchases.


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