ITM301 Discussion 2


Discussion 2

Big Data Analytics is all the rage and discussed widely in the popular press. Teradata is a firm that specializes in housing big data for organizations and providing them specialized tools for analyzing and visualizing this data.

  • Visit
  • Click on Case Stories and select one of the videos.
  • Write a description of the video.

I selected the Symantec case story and learned that they also use data and analytics. They eliminated silo and duplication, so each customer’s experience is different. The employees share information with one another to ensure the success of the company. They pay attention to what website the consumer visits and recommend similar sites or products in the next time around. Symantec continues to advance through technology and enhance what they have to offer each client individually. They are constantly adjustments to keep the consumers satisfied with the product which causes them to maintain the business relationship and possibly recommend others.


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