ITM301 Case 4 Part 2


Module4/ Case4


In this case assignment, I will plan a vacation using travel sites. I will analyze the airfare prices, check hotels by class and view suggestion of what to see in the area. I will compare the different travel sites and evaluate which was the easiest to navigate through, which was the most helpful and which site had the best deals. Booking a trip whether in or outside the United States can be time consuming. Going from one airline site to the next. The next best thing has arrived, Travel Sites. This allows you to view many airlines at once and see which one best fits your budget. When booking your trip, the flight is not the only thing you should be looking at.  You must consider the hotel, method of transportation (are you going to rent a car?), the history of places and attractions to visit while there.


The location I have selected for this assignment was Nassau, Bahamas. While planning this trip, I gathered some important information from the different travel sites. I have chosen June 22nd, 2020 through June 30th, 2020 for the dates of the trip. The reason I chose these dates was because my anniversary and birthday are between those dates. The main site I used was I am usually satisfied when I book my trips through them. The cheapest ticket I found was on The dates I wanted had an overnight connection flight, but Justfly recommend I left day later at a cheaper rate and a nonstop flight. The most expensive flight I found was from, which was $43 more than Justfly. Kayak and cheaptickets were between. These four travel sites were easy to navigate, but I like that justfly suggested alternate dates.

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Whenever I am looking for a hotel, rather than going through the other travel sites and adding the hotel to the flight, I go to This site is easy to navigate and gives details about each hotel and allows you to read the reviews. This site allowed me to filter the features I was looking for. Some of the filters are adjusting the budget, the distance from center city, meals, property types and the list goes on. The hotel I found was colony Club Inn & Suites which had a rate of 7.8 and cost $111 per night. The most expensive hotel I found was Melia Nassau Beach which was an all inclusive at the price of $401 per night. I would choose Comfort suites Paradise Island. This hotel came at a price $162 per night, a rate of 8.2 plus breakfast comes with the price. Below I have added a chart comparing the five hotels. When choosing a hotel, I enjoy a beautiful view from my room and the convenience of the restaurants inside or close to the hotel.

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What to See

The Bahamas is a beautiful island. The attractions have the ability to boost your vacation experience by 100%. Some of the sights to visit are Hamilton’s cave, the Queen’s Baths, The Hermitage on Mt. Alvernia, Flocks of Flamingos, shallow Water Shipwrecks, Roadside Conch Bars and Dean’s Blue Hole. Below I have listed a few secret places I found on the travel channel along with some details.

The Secrets of the Bahamas

Hamilton’s Cave

Was purchased by a family in the 1800s. During the tour, you will find bats, crabs and rock formations highlighted by skylights. Sills (n.d.).

The Queen’s Baths

This is a collection of natural hot pools. Be sure to wear water shoes due to the urchins and small marine animals.

The Hermitage on Mt. Alvernia

A medieval-style monastery built in 1939. Sits at the highest point in the Bahamas. Sills(n.d.)

Flocks of Flamingos

They are located on the island of Great Inagua. Ratio of flamingos to human is 80 to 1.

Shallow Water Shipwrecks

In 1986, a Bahamian treasure hunter discovered a shipwreck worth $1.6 billion. Sills (n.d.).

Roadside Conch

Rather than typical restaurants, tourists are suggested to try these small eateries.

Dean’s Blue Hole

This blue hole reaches 663-feet below the water’s surface.

The Bahamian dollar is at the same rate as the US Dollar. The monies may look different to be distinguished from other countries currency but have the same value as the USD. For this trip, I was given $1,500 USD which is equivalent to $1,500 BSD. While in the Bahamas, everyone accepts both USD and BSD. You still have a choice to exchange to use the Bahamian dollar.

Travel Tips

When traveling to the Bahamas, due to the weather, I know to pack light clothes and tons of swimwear. When I arrive, the best option is to take a cab because the driving laws are different in the Bahamas. Cars drive on the left-hand side of the road (Nassau Paradise Island, 2014). Adjusting to the left side of the road can be tricky. Restaurants and bars may automatically add a 15% gratuity, so you don’t need to leave a tip. (Nassau Paradise Island, 2014). Do not forget your passport and remember to enjoy every bit of the trip.

In conclusion, using these sites to book a trip, look for hotels and things to do once I get there has been a great eye opener. I used to only check one site but now I know even if there is a great deal on one site, it is always possible to find something better. I went over obtaining the flights for travel, the hotels by class, some history and the great news about not having a headache due to currency and not being familiar. I have also discussed what to see and what to expect in the Bahamas.

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