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Modern construction is complex, but what would it be like if instructions were by words alone? The answer is, of Assignment, that a large building, such as a skyscraper, probably could not be built at all, while even the smallest building would require constant on-the-job direction by a resident architect. Since one architect could build only a few buildings in his lifetime, there simply would not be enough architects to go around. Available practitioners would be hired by the wealthy, and by the middle and lower classes would be left literally out in the cold.

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Presentation techniques for drawings then are of great value, not only to the architect, but to every client as well. But architectural drawing has become complex today and very few people can read the drawings. Because of this, presentation techniques are an important part of architecture today. The picture is a bridge between the intellect of the client and that of the architect- a common meeting ground. Presentation techniques include a set of drawings, conceptual and schematic sketches, 3D rendered views to give a feel of the actual space and a model to present the finished product.