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Internet Protocol System

Internet protocols used to communicate packets of data across a network, and it is responsible for routing packets across network in these days. Any IP address is the way to communicate by identifying a host on a network using IP protocols.

Types of IP: It is basically two types one is IPv4, Which is most common and popular, and second one is IPv6 which is discovered to overcome of problems which found in IPv4.


  • Have 32 bit addresses which is approximately 4 billion unique addresses.
  • Causes most traffic.
  • Easy ISP switching, network control, and inherent firewall.
  • But the negative part is IP security complications, performance overhead and increase complexity.
  • And address issue.

And this problem is overcome by IPv6:

  • Have 128 bit which is approx. 3.4×10̂128 trillion -trillion times greater than 32bit addressing system.
  • It shows autoconfiguration which means DHCP is not using at all.
  • In this system mobility and security is mandatory, which means it is more secure than IPv4.
  • Its having high routing efficiency, performance and forwarding rate.
  • No broadcast and no checksum.
  • It have high transition rate.

Internet Protocol Systems Assignment

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Subnet Mask:

It is basically define and addressing IP address, which is made up of two different parts.

  • Network Portion: Define network address.
  • Host Portion: Defines host on the separate network.

And subnet mask is 32 bit numbers, which tells the router, which bits of the network addresses and which for host portion.

DNS Server:

Domain name system, server service which maps name to an IP address. It is used on TCP/IP networks like Internet to locate computer and services with user friendly.It supports special zone called global name zone to hold single-lable host name.

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